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During Gay Sex When The Dominant Partner Uses his fingers To Pump the submissives ass to loosen him up for the penetration of the dominants cock
Before John was about to thrust into Grey , He remembered that Grey was a virgin and needed to be prepared. He put lube on his fingers and slowly pushed his fingers into Grey's tight ass.

"Ahhh......That hurts..." Grey Whined

"I know baby , but It'll feel good soon ok ? Just hold up" John assured

After a few minutes Grey's whimpers turned into low moans.

"More baby" Grey begged

John chuckled but complied either way.

His Fingers sped up and went deeper inside Grey.

He added another finger to spread Grey some more.

"Please Just Fuck Me babe !" Grey demanded

John Didn't waste any time......
by Yaoi lover December 10, 2013
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