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An amazing boy... he's quite disobedient but that makes him even more amazing :)

He is very popular and can make you laugh for ever and ever.
Lots of teachers hate him.. but in my opinion its impossible to hate him.
He has an amazing cheeky smile :)
Hes good at most things. hes very talented.

He talks alot and laughs alot.

I love him so much <3
1.Boy: Who are you staring at?

Girl: Rex...

Boy: Why?

Girl Becuase hes... REX

2. "Omg look at rex.. hes so amazing!""
by That.Girlx April 25, 2010
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See awsome, sexy, super-sexy sex god, or Dog. He way too sexy, almost too sexy for his own good. Is the father of several love-children. Mother really liked dog-names.
Rex, thats a dog's name.... but a sexy one
by Anthony Beaumont April 26, 2005
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Funny as hell. Sweet. Sex God. Every girl wants his dick. Has the very strong ability to attract a Taylor ;D
Girl1: Have you seen Rex!?
Girl2: Yea girl i got his dick!
Girl1: Lucky bitch!
by fuckmeman December 30, 2012
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Rex-Described as King.
Ruler of the earth.
Someone named Rex is usally handsome,they are very popular and do good in all sports
by Derek...2008 February 07, 2010
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A sweet, awesome, guy who is very caring and selfless. He is a very talented musician and he is also very handsome. There are not any people like him and no one can really compare to him.
by Justanothergirlinlove November 28, 2010
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(1) King, or the (2)dominator.
(i.e. 1- Just as the tyrannosaurus Rex is the dominator or king of all other dinosaurs and rex's whoever he wants. (i.e. 2- Just as you may have rexed your buddy in a game of Ping Pong.
(i.e. 3- You may want to Rex that chick who's V-card is dangeling infront of your jock.
by Blake Romine January 21, 2004
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A unit of measurement used to define length, weight, power pressure, and currency. These measurements include MicroRex, CentiRex, KiloRex, DeciRex, MilliRex, MegaRex, GigaRex, TerraRex, DecaRex, MacroRex and Rex.

The numerical values for all means of measurement are based on the T Rex. Jaw Pressure, height, width, length, mass, and BTU's are all defined by those directly equivalent to that of a T Rex.
Feet no longer exist, except for the ones at the end of your legs. All previous values of measurement have been eliminated. Making way for the universal Rex. Feet, meters, joules, pressure, miles, grams, liters, gallons, inches, watts, all of it is now a Rex
by Eurocat March 09, 2011
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