a beer..... Whereas "cool ones" would refer to beer, beer, beer and even more beer
It's so hot I think I think I need to down a couple of cool ones.....
by the real enar May 12, 2008
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MIKE THE COOL ONE is the coolest guy around. He is the lead singer in the All-American Surf-Rock band, The Beach Boys. MIKE THE COOL ONE wrote the 1988 song, Kokomo, the greatest Beach Boys song, along with milestone albums, "Still Cruzin", and "Summer in Paradise". But MIKE THE COOL ONE doesn’t just make old music. He also likes to Rap about Hot Bikini Babes with the Cool Kidz😎 MIKE THE COOL ONE is also very Patriotic for his Country, the US of A! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
MIKE THE COOL ONE wants to remind you that he is much better than his weird cousin Brian, who made unhip druggie music in the late 1960's, which was a decade that was supposed to be spent riding in Cars to the Beach and the Hamburger stand in the Los Angeles, California Sunshine! Luckily, Cousin Bri is in good hands with Dr. Landy of Pittsburgh, PA. MIKE THE COOL ONE also gets help from his friend, MIC ADJUSTIN' BRUCE, who is a much better bassist and keyboard player than MIKE THE COOL ONE's Crazy Cousin, Bri.
Person One:"0:35 MIKE THE COOL ONE SINGS!"
Person Two:"GUITAR SOLO 0:57"
MIKE THE COOL ONE:"God Bless America, that's how we Roll"
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“Tall Cool One”. This refers to a tall, cool, brewski. Usually contained in a vessel of elevated proportions. The standard 12 ounce longneck glass bottles, the 16 ounce Tall Boys cans, and the 24 ounce Tall Boyz cans all apply to this title. “Tall Cool One” has been forever immortalized by the late Chris Farley in the hit 1996 comedy Black Sheep. See quote below.
What have we got here? A couple of tall cool ones!
by Paramecium October 28, 2004
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Simply-put: The slang difinition for a long and painful shit.
"Where were you man?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, I had to take a cool sharp one."
by Remtorik September 19, 2006
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a sudden but unnoticed exit.
orig. Harp Lager TV ads.
"My missus came in the pub the other night, when i'd said i was working late... a cool sharp one, mate!"
by edjog October 8, 2005
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Not staying cool and in control. The opposite is to keep one's cool.
Don't lose your cool, man!

One will fail if one lose one's cool.
by jimmybone d May 27, 2008
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A sadly, no longer existent third wave ska band. They were super-de-duper amazing~!

Some of the members are now in Streetlight Manifesto with former members of Catch 22's glory days. Streetlight Manifesto is also super-de-duper amazing~!

I only get to hear a few OCG songs because their CD's are out of print and out of stock =(
Listen to the song "Skank Away"

It's incredible.
by Bleed American November 13, 2004
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