Shortened form of 'application.' Popularized by Apple Computers Inc. with the introduction of the iPhone. Mainly implemented because the majority of the Apple userbase is too retarded to even be able to use two mouse buttons, let alone pronounce a four syllable word.
Starbucks drinker: "I just downloaded this great app for my phone. It's called Super Monkey Ball! This is exactly why I love the iPhone!"

Starbucks employee: "I made the cream in your coffee."
by Rozone January 9, 2009
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Abbreviated form of "application", a type of software program that typically interacts with the end user, such as a calender program or a chat program. Applications differ from lower-level software programs such as device drivers which are mostly invisible to the user.

Since the late-2000s, the term "app" has been bastardized by Apple and other Apple wannabes to specifically mean a software program that you can buy at the "App Store" or variations thereof. In fact "applications" have been freely available online since the advent of the Internet and this concept is completely foreign to the majority of "app" buyers.
Jimmy: "check out this social app I bought from the app store yesterday!"

Jason: *smacks Jimmy's iPhone out of his hands*, "I do the same thing, for free, from this program called a web browser"
by shgr December 25, 2011
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man that app rox my new os.. whew..!
by klok September 20, 2005
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A thing you download your gadgets that does stuff for you
A finger treadmill is an app thing that goes back and fourth you can run your fingers on
by PAnDa QUeeN!! October 27, 2011
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To app is to appreciate something, usually an extremely witty pun or a great joke. It is short for appreciate, but it is awkward for one to say, "I appreciate that" after every witty thing someone says. Extreme apps can be applied, for example, jokes about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire should be apped times a million.
"Insert something suttle or witty here"
"LOL! I app that times a million!!!"
by inconclusionblahblah February 10, 2010
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When you do something that is unnecessary, but will benefit you in the long run by being able to put it on your college application. This includes creating and joining clubs, as well as doing things for teachers to get better grades.
Mr. Mahany told the class to turn off the lights in the classroom, so I stood up and sprinted to turn off the lights and yelled, "For the app!"
by micah and christian October 17, 2017
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