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A community of hairs living on the land of the anus.
George: I hear anal pubes are the new Paki's - they're dark, they like ass, and they smell like shit.

Vishnu: HOLY FUCK! I wish i was an anal pube.
by erectism December 29, 2007
The flesh inside the penis, that supports the function for the penis to erect.
Doctor, Doctor! I can't get an erction anymore, because someone slashed my moonerr.
Do you think they've destroyed my erectile tissue?
by erectism December 29, 2007
Self explanitory...

...Blood-stained jizz.
Tony: I went to Africa, and an elephant gave me a blow job. I guided the elephant with my hands, opened my eyes, and all of a sudden, I was covered entirely with my own blood butter.
by erectism December 29, 2007
Two, the number two, 2



2y = 4
y = 2


2:lf~7#sa"$65 = 2:lf~7#sa"$65
by erectism December 28, 2007
The clitoris of a woman over 88 years old.
A foul, nasty clit, as if it were to belong to a witch, with warts, and scales, and a brightly colour lining of green.
Yo Momma!

(She has a clit like a witch)
(Yes, she has a witch clit)
by erectism December 29, 2007
The advice given to someone, persuading them to rape.
Adam: Wanna make babies?
Eve: Nah.
Adam: G'won...
Eve: I don't want to
Adam: If we do, you'll get the most pleasure out of it
Eve: Ok. I'll do it

Narrator: Nothing like a lil bit o' rapesuasion from Adam there...
by erectism December 29, 2007
See Cranburricane
The state of which a person is in while producing a Cranburricane.
This however, is more of a male style of Cranburricane.
Joe: Wow! Did you just do a Cranburricane?
Herbert: No you silly! I am a man, therefor, it was a Vacuum Jam Fart
by erectism December 29, 2007