A man gets a boner and cums ( a woman can get a wet pussy, so they can have a wet dream too) during slumber and can't control it.
Ryan: Man I had another wet dream about Paige.
Alex: oh shit, me too
Ryan: dude, that's kinda weird
by MusicMadeMe May 29, 2018
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When a person orgasms in their sleep. Known medically as Nocturnal Emission or Vaginal Lubrication, this is caused when a person has a dream that turns them on, causing sexual arousal. It most commonly effects people age 11-24. When people wake up, they often have a great shock as to what happened. Most people grow out of them by age 26. However, not everyone is effected by them. One common myth is that it effects only boys. However, girls can have them too, though its different.
Mario: OMG, Jake, I had a Wet Dream last night!
Jake: Uhh, Mario, what?
Mario: I had a dream that I was being given a blowjob by the hottest girl in school. Then, I climaxed in the dream, and shot cum into her mouth in the dream, and that's the last of the dream, before I woke up. When I did, I felt a warm, wet sensation. I turned the light on, and saw my pants were wet. I felt it, and it was semen. Somehow, I orgasmed while I slept. As uncomfortable as it was, I had to wait to deal with it until morning.
Jake: OMG, You dreamed of being blown by a hot girl?! You have such a dirty mind!
by brianbuddy2 ACP December 26, 2018
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When you cum yourself in your sleep, usually as a result of not masturbating for too long. Mildly annoying when you wake up at 5 AM with cum all over your clothes or the bed. Luckily all you have to do to avoid them is jack off regularly
I had a wet dream last night so I’ve been awake since 6 AM. I gotta jack off more.
by Wittyusernamehaha May 22, 2022
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When A Ghost Jacks You Off While You Sleeping And You Cum All Over Your Bed.
Joey Went To Sleep At 5 pm And Ilan the big ghost came and jacked him off and gave joey a wet dream
by IlanJoey May 23, 2011
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Refered to males, usualy in their early teens. A wet dream is when a boy is sleeping and then suddenly wakes up to find that his erected dick is pumping out hot sticky man juice all over his boxers, or if he sleeps naked, all over his pubes, stomach and chest. Although sometimes pleasant, wet dreams are mostly annoying for boys as they are too shocked and confused to really enjoy the ejaculation, and it is a bitch to clean up in the morning.

Masturbation usually helps prevent wet dreams and Fap Shortscan be worn if wet dreams persist.
On school camp, when I was sleeping in a dorm with my friends, I had a dream that my penis was very itchy and tense. I awoke early that morning to find my penis was throbbing stiff and was pumping semen out with each convulsion. The wet dream seemed to last forever and my boxers were filled with hot, sticky juice, dripping into my pubes and oozing down my inner thighs. My come was everywhere. At that moment our teacher came in to wake us up for our morning hike.

Since it was only a 1 night stay I had decided to only bring 1 set of underwear, the one I splurged my load in. Having no time to even clean myself up, I spent the 1 hour hike feeling my man juice slowly ooze out of my squichy boxers and down my legs. I smelt like jizz the whole day.
by Callum69 May 17, 2009
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The realization that you've been having sex with a hole in your pillow.
Oh man my pillow is now filled with my semen. I guess I had a wet dream.
by xmancrushmonday November 28, 2016
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When you nut in your sleep and wake up with cum everywhere. Sex dreams are different from wet dreams cuz its basically your body just nutting itself cuz you're so young and your hormones are bussing.
"dude, I must have had a wet dream last night because I woke up and there was cum everywhere...."

Young Man: "Mom, whats all over my bed?"

Mom: "Cum, you had a wet dream."
by Alexandraplot April 26, 2017
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