when you've told someone to shut up so many times that you don't even say the second word anymore
in class -
teacher: *calls on candice*
kid sitting next to you: *whispering* "candice di-"
you: shut
by rdcvgtuhnmki May 21, 2020
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What your autocorrect thought you meant when you typed "shit".
oh shut
by catdef May 12, 2020
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what you tell people to do when they are being annoying
Jackie SHUT, you are so annoying.
by yourmom2934756324890 July 7, 2006
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what you should do to the big gaping hole in your face. aka your mouth.
K shut, I wasn't asking.
by SHUTMUCH July 10, 2006
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To deposit semen via masturbation onto an inanimate object.
Dude, Bobby was so worked up by those strippers that he went home and shut the sheets.

Man, I totally shut that old burned out Penthouse I found in your closet.
by Shutmaster October 27, 2006
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