1. A sex act where-in 2 people use a double-headed dildo to make their anus's kiss. 2. Pushing a dildo that is in two persons anus's so deep that both of their anus's come in contact with each other. 3. Anus kissing.
You, me and a double-headed dildo going at it Anus to Anus.
by the2ndflood September 22, 2007
Anu is the name of a Sumerian god. It means "the Heavenly One", name of a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons, who dwelt in the highest heavenly region. Anu is smart enough to prove the world wrong.

She is sarcastic, funny but really sweet and kind hearted at the same time. Out of any guy would be lucky to be with her or even have her as a friend. She will be always there for you no matter what.
Damnn, Anu is cute.
by Sarcastic anu March 20, 2020
A very strong willed lady. She's very beautiful, intimidatingly smart and has a banging body. She's always loyal, probably to a fault. Most likely single, because men are idiots and wouldn't know when they've met the best thing ever. She's a badass and is always ready to fight for those she truly cares about. She's probably the nearest in definition to a complete woman.

Anus make the best friends, girlfriends and wives. You can't go wrong with an Anu.
Only an Anu can be beautiful, smart and strong willed.
I found an Anu and I'm never letting her go.
by RShagba June 4, 2017
HAs the Biggest PP is the whole wide World
by bt mE June 9, 2020
A hole used primarily for the dispensing of fecal matter. Sometimes the insertion of oblongated objects such as various fruits, vegetables, broomsticks, fingers, penises, etc. are allowed entrance into this sacred area. The size of the anus can vary depending on the size of fecal matter dispersement, as well as what types of objects are inserted into this area.

The anus is also known as the asshole, butthole, chocolate starfish, brown eyed willy and has many other slang terms for it.
<mndfreeze> mmmmm, anus is teh good!

Last night i was having sexual relations with my girlfriend, and i proceeded to insert my finger into her anus.
by px March 7, 2003
an extremely smart and kind person. she always thinks of the feeling of others, but she can roast anyone if she is given the opportunity. she also has a terrifying skill of redeeming information from the internet.
"Don't get on Anu's bad side, she'll dig up stuff"
by jfeiowahgiorea December 28, 2016
A beautiful, stylish, diverse girl Anu’s tend to be very stubborn yet kind and are very down to earth and honest which gets them hated sometimes. They are also very confident and don’t care for what others think of them overall they are loved highly and they are poppin
Anu is too leng

Anu is a sweet one
by Rasclaut May 2, 2019