A Toby is a guy who is one a million; he somehow manages to stray from the usual path of men, and go off in the right direction. He has all the qualities that every girl could ever want in a man; kind, caring, trustworthy, loyal, accepting, sensitive, funny...the list goes on, a Toby is genuine through and through. Toby's generally date people who are a bit more challenging to tap into...most people find it hard to put up with them and to love them, but somehow Toby's can see them for who they really are, and they can bring out the person inside of them that no one else can do. Even for people who don't trust others well, a Toby has the ability to get even the most insecure and scared people to trust them and love them. If you find a Toby, you are the luckiest person in the world. People search sometimes their entire lives to find someone like a Toby, and when a girl just happens to find him out of the blue, she has no idea how lucky she is. Guys like Toby's don't come around often, if at all. If you have a Toby, appreciate them and love them, because they are worth every second of your day, and more. Everyone who has a Toby knows what I mean..Love your Toby
Toby is so sexy mexy
by NotKatie March 14, 2013
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If you were to ever meet a Toby, you are the luckiest girl to ever live. Tobys are always funny, chill and honestly the best friend you’ll ever have. A Toby will love you no matter what, and never give up on you even if everyone else does. Toby is also insanely smart, but doesn’t like to show off at all. Toby is caring and kind no matter what.
Person 1: I’ve been talking to this guy recently...
Person 2: what’s his name?
Person 1: Toby.

Person 2: he’s a keeper.
by written anonymously. October 31, 2020
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Toby is confident, unproblematic and has principles. He wears the same outfit every day but is still stylish in his own way. He sometimes loses sight of who he is and seems emo but is not. His eyes are piercing. When you look into them youre intimidated but also feel understood. He drives the party car in his group of friends.

Sometimes people get mistaken for a toby.
Guy1: My friend toby prefers pizza pit over pizza hut
Guy2: Wow he has his principles!
by Tobyluvr5 November 1, 2019
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Toby is the strangest person you will ever meet. Is also very dopey and likes to sleep a lot. He is also too smart for the world. This, however, is never a bad thing with Toby. He is the sweetest, awesomest and cutest person everr! You wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him but once on the right side, will give nothing but toby lovin' and is the best boyfriend ever.

Any girl would be lucky to have a Toby like this in their life and better appreciate him and give him lots of snuggles.

He also has a fan club that follow his every move and wish they were with him every minute of their lives.
Fanclubgurl#1 Lets go to Tobys house
Fanclubgurl#2 I'll grab the binoculars
by PrincessKoolKid October 7, 2012
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Toby is an amazing athletic guy. He is someone who is sweet, understanding, can be dumb and selfish at times, makes you love him and hate him at the same time, and he will always stand up for you. Toby is someone who i have something special with and its only a matter of time before he notices that. Toby is the best person you could ever meet.
Toby always protects me
by hotty69 July 25, 2011
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The act a dog performs when he drags his ass forward across a living room carpet
That dog must have worms since he likes to Toby a few times a day
by Tall Okie October 30, 2017
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