A description of a person that has infinite qualities. She is internal, endless and incorruptible.

An abstract concept. A feeling that is much easier to experience than to explain.

My friendship with Boppy is everlasting. We can talk for 8 hours and feel like only 20 minutes has passed by.

Raymond: I broke up with Ecila.
Molas: Why?
Raymond: Our conversations were always about mickey mouse and puppies. She wasn't everlasting.
by TheGreatOne aka Allah April 6, 2008
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Something that'll never end. True love for example.
My love for Melissa fusco is everlasting. Though she may not like it, but it's true. Only thing people can do is to pretend to move on...
by Suavo July 15, 2003
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Used to be the lead singer of the rap group House of Pain, but then went solo. His music is kinda soft rap/blues/alt. rock. He had songs such as What It's Like, Black Jesus, and White Trash Beautiful.
WOW!!! Everlast Dissed Eminem!!!! Big Fucking Deal!!!! Besides, It's More Blues Than Rap!!!
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First off, Everlast isn't a group. It's one person, Everlast aka Erik Schrody, Mr. White, Whitey Ford, etc.
Anyone who says Ev can't rap is simply a knucklehead. Everlast's been rapping since way before Eminem even came to public eye. He used to lead House of Pain, a group in which he flexed some serious mic skill. He did some solo stuff, blues/rock whatever, which was still good, but his rap is truly badass. He now is in the group La Coka Nostra, hip hops saving grace.
He is also the rapper responsible for making Fidel Castro hats and keffiyehs (that scarf he wears) remain stylish.
Eminem dissed Everlast? WOW! EMINEM DISSED EVERYONE! Who gives a fuck? Ev was spittin' before Em even picked up a mic.

Everlast is a good looking man, when it comes to giving pleasure, he's every woman's treasure.

"Fed Up" by House of Pain is a true testament to Everlast's mic skill

Everlast is a muslim, and has won a grammy.
by zantaf August 9, 2007
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A white blues/rock musician who has the balls eneough to tell the truth about how stupid most rap is, and draws attention to how it is custom to hate white people in PC America. He gets a lot of flack from rappers, particularly the whore, Marshal Matthers (or whatever the fuck his name is), and his Fat Fuck Friend Dr. Dre.
- Mongoloid : " I hate everlast, because Feminem does, and I blindly follow what ever he and his butt buddies in D12 tell me."

- Me : " Sorry, *BANG*, Im going to have to disagree with you there."

- Mongoloid : " *Gurgles as blood from gunshot wound fills his lungs* "
by McKickazz June 23, 2006
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Shut up Kate

Everlast is the coolest group in the world. Their leadsinger (whitey ford) has successfully dissed Feminem (eminem). Everlast didn't bother wasting time on fem's faggot-ass 12 year old group (D12). They are too pathetic to be dissed

Everlast fucking rules!
Give you an example????? I can't do that! Everlast is too damn original
by wh1tey F0rd guy January 31, 2004
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a fuckin cunt who got dissed the shit out ov by (the best)eminem on trax like "quitter"
and "i remember".
everlast cant fuckin rap 2 save hiz life.
1.i cant believe everlast tried 2 disss eminem
by Red-Eye November 21, 2004
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