115 definition by danielle

People who get into your buisness and live in the same house as you who your stuck with for the rest of your life till you move out. The worst thing is, sometimes you have to talk to them. :O
God my family sucks.
by Danielle April 22, 2005

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A really fun word to say
by Danielle May 03, 2003

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A woman who is very attracted to gay/bi/trans men. She may (or may not) also feel she is (fully or partly) a "gay man in a woman's body". Girlfags identify primarily as queer, and are often attracted to more types of people than just gay/bi/trans men.
by danielle August 18, 2003

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The cutest and most suave dude on Degrassi. Always fly and always cool.
Usher, Taye Diggs, LL Cool J.
by Danielle April 19, 2005

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A group of talented musicians who work their butts off and are rumored to enjoy pain -- INCLUDING WOODWINDS. :)
The marching band won at States last night.
by Danielle December 03, 2003

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The God of my religion...music.
I worship Maynard James Keenan.
by Danielle February 20, 2004

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An orginization kids run to fight Teens (13-17) and Adults (18+) and their controlling ways. At age 13 "operatives" are "decommitioned" and they have their memories of the KND erased.
I am a Kids Next Door Operative.
by Danielle October 12, 2004

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