A "loser" is someone who doesn't know what they have and fucks it up.

They are always making bad choices and fuck up their and everyone's lives around them.

They are Losers...

Also know as Dumb Fucks, Idiots, Fools, Dumb Asses, Dick Heads, etc.
"Reiner is such a loser. He had a beautiful wife and children at home but had to cheat on them all."
by Sara Smiles October 28, 2013
Someone who puts a name on Urbandictionary.com and gushes about how people who are named that are the best
Definition: "Jasmine is a kind person who has lots of friends"

Person with sense: Whoever posted that is a loser
by Dstroyer101 April 29, 2019
Those who judge others ....& pick apart others to make themselves feel better .
Dale came from a poor family, with alcoholic abusive parents. He felt ripped off at life &bitter so to make him self feel good, he abused others. Dale is a loser.
by Posies May 15, 2018
Someone who purposefully teases and taunts another for their own enjoyment.
Jake: Wow hot tubbing in the rain would be so great right now.

Katie: I love hot tubbing in the rain! It's too bad mine is broken.

Jake: That does suck! Alright well I'm going to go in mine, talk to you later!

Katie: Wow, thanks loser.
by November 30, 2014
Apparently it's anyone who doesn't spend all his time and money at the bar every night, someone who doesn't feel the need to get laid every five seconds, anyone who doesn't make a million dollars a day, someone who's at home for more than two hours a day, anyone over the age of 12 who still lives at home with his parents, and anyone who's ever touched a computer or videogame.
What do you mean you're not going out tonight? You must be some loser without a life
by Disgruntled Winnipeger July 25, 2005
A stereotypical term for one who doesn't fit into mainstream society, or is lacking friends. "Losers" are usually really funny, unique, or smart individuals who people neglect to try to befriend in fear that they themselves might be labeled as a "loser".
Albert Einstein was thought of as a loser when he was young, but was really just unique and slightly autistic. He ended up being one of the world's most highly revered scientist's and everybody knows his name.
by Broken and Rejected January 8, 2010