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A teen aged 12-17 or young adult aged 18-23. When a Teen goes thuogh puberty.
I am an adolescent at age 14.
by Danielle October 12, 2004
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n. Word referring to a girl who lets her boyfriend have buttsex with her. She is henceforth known as the "upthebuttgirl" by him and all his friends.
I do NOT want to be the upthebuttgirl.
by danielle July 09, 2005
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opposite of camel toe
when a man has on tight pants and has a visible lump in the crotch area.
That male ballet dancer is sportin' a serious camels hump.
by danielle November 12, 2003
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N. 1.)The jism blasted from a cock. 2.) A person who reminds you of such jism.
Man, why are you acting like such a cockblast?
by danielle February 12, 2005
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A dollar bill smeared with poo, strategically placed to be picked up by an unsuspecting bypasser.
"When my friend picked up that dollar bill off the floor everyone started changing poodollar poodollar poodollar" ~Andrew O'Connell
by Danielle June 14, 2003
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A kid at my school who was caught beating his meat in the bushes by the bus and has henceforth been known by the entire school as "Bushwhacker".
Hey Bushwhacker! Long time no see!
by danielle February 13, 2005
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An exhortation indicating severe displeasure with the current circumstances.
Mariah Carey survived a heroin overdose? Cockass!
by danielle February 12, 2005
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