A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. She is always laughing! When she's not laughing she's making others laugh. She always likes to have a good time. She is daring and loves adventure. She is kind to all, even those who hate her (or are jealous that they are not her) She has a lot to say, but mostly listens, so or like a therapist at times. She gives great advice. And although she has flaws her disposition makes her flawless. She is a great friend, but people take that for granted a lot. She has brilliant eyes and is skinny but curvy. She is perfect hug height (she's a real shorty). Guys tend to always be falling for her. She's a diamond.
Is she a Danielle?
by Amazinggrace7 May 17, 2015
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A female by the name of Danielle will be your loyal friend. When you need a shoulder to cry on she'll be by your side with a warm smile and words that reassure you everything is going to be all right.
She loves her family to an extent that makes you love them too, for they share stories that shake the roof with laughter and make you always want to be around them.
Danielle is extremely intelligent and you'll often find her head in a book. She loves sharing with others what she has learned.
She has great taste in music and those that are handed over a mixed tape with her favorite artists are never let down.
Danielle is beautiful with her curly hair and smile that can light up a room. She knows how to dress and each clothing on her back suits her wonderfully.
Danielle can be girly, but she is very into video games, which makes her popular with males, because she doesn't mind playing Gears of War or Black Ops and is really good at it!
Danielle is a great cook and when she makes dinner for you, you'll never want fast food again. She also bakes the sweetest treats just like her!
If you've a friend by the name of Danielle, never let her go, because you've a lifelong friend who is so much fun to be around and is wonderful in every way! And if Danielle is your girlfriend I hope you recognize just how lucky you are! :)
I'm so glad Danielle is my best friend. :)
by DancingSnowflake January 10, 2013
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A true friend. She is the type of person to laugh with you till you feel like dying. She applies herself and wants better for her life. She is missed by the people who aren't in her circle anymore. She should try to open herself up more emotionally to others. She will lose friends if she doesn't express herself more. At the end of the day, she will always be there for herself tough. She is a tough cookies with a fun and caring heart.
That girl Danielle is a rockstar
by Brutally honest 123 October 26, 2018
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Danielle, if not the most beautiful woman on earth. If you are with a Danille keep her. Danielles have long brown hair and gourgeus brown eyes.
Girl:"Danielle looks beautiful today"
by SandspringsKid November 6, 2015
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Danielle is the most amazing girl that you will ever meet.
She has Brown Hair and Brown Eyes and the most amazing smile.

She reads so much it is hard to see when she has the time.
She is one of the smartest girls I know and is gorgeous.
She may have glasses but they make her look cute.
She is so generous and always gives people Gum and Money if they ask her enough.
She is strong physically and mentally and I admire her for that.
She never wears nothing but hoodies except when she has to in gym and I cant stop starin.
There is no Example but you and I hope that you know that you are the most amazing girl ever. And if this didn't make it any more clear who you are you live in Gilbert, MN. I love you Danielle
by I wish I could tell you so April 10, 2013
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danielle has an amazing sense of humor, shes very pretty,smiles all the time and will always have your back. She'll kill someone if you tell her to. She is very loyal and can keep even the biggest secrets. Shes like a therapist sometimes. Danielle is a very loveable girl. She loves to have a good time and is always ready to party! To many people, Danielle seems wierd but thats just what she is at times. Shes really sweet, nice and is such a badass. be careful what you say to her she'll snap you! Its very hard for her to cry but when Danielle cries, she REALLY cries! It may seem like nothing bad or sad is going on in her life because of her personality but there truly is ALOT going on.She'll never tell unless you ask. Danielle has "daddy issues" and is close to her mom. Her mom is like her hero. Danielle has black curly hair and dark brown eyes. Any guy would be lucky to have her and any girl would be lucky to be her friend. Shes someone you'd want to be with for the rest of your life. Shes always there for you and will always be your best friend. Even though you stop being her friend she will never stop being yours.
- WOW she must be a Danielle !!
by yolomaaann.1 March 31, 2012
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Danielle is a very beautiful girl but doesn't know it. She is a very bright person and you will love her when you get too know her. She's never shy and always stands up for self. Yes she can be annoying at times but she's the best person in the world she ALWAYS knows how to make someone laugh even when there sad. You will ALWAYS see her smiling even when she's sad. She badass and will do anything if you mess with her friends especially her best friend. Danielle is Danielle her own unique person and doesn't pretend to be someone else♡.
Guy1: Dude I think I like Danielle

Guy2:Tell her
Guy1: Nah I'm just gonna pretend I don't like her hahaha

Girl1:Damn bitch you see Danielles fight

Girl2: Yessss girl I seen that shit she beat her ass
(girl that got her ass beat walks in)
Girl1:Damn look that's the girl that got her ass beat

Girl2: Danielle fucked her up look she busted her lip and gave her a black eye Lol
by bitch_😻😻 September 17, 2017
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