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A jacknut is a less offensive term used to insult someone.
Derek, you're such a crazy jacknut!
by Harry Johnson April 28, 2003
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
by ET4444 November 12, 2007
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a insult usally directed towards a pricish person. Possibly made up while rambling anger towards a person.
God dammit! Ur such a fucking jack nut!
by PoniesArntUs April 07, 2009
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when a gentleman has very small testicles (or possibly humongously large ones)
check out the jack nuts on him, he looks like brad micklea!
by biz markee August 21, 2003
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a less offensive term for jackass.something to use when u wanna call someone a name but dont wanna curse

mom:you know jim ur a real jacknut
girl:mommy why r u callin daddy a jacknut
mom:because thats wat he is
dad:(atleast she didnt curse in front of the kid)
by Imani H. May 12, 2007
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n. a moron; one who "jacks nuts" or beats off.
Hey, jacknut you missed the fucking turn back there.
by danielle November 30, 2003
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