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An entire room whose sole purpose is for masturbation. This room may include porno, hand lotion and kleenex, as well as maybe a magazine stand (so you can use both hands, or switch off if need be). A wooden chair and some candles may also be present.
"That little room under the stairs with the sign on it that says 'Jack Shack'? That's just the masturbatorium."
by danielle April 09, 2007
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Sitting at your PC - day and night - in the dark in your jammies without any human interaction.
Bob was holed up all week playing doom. He needs to get a life!
by Danielle November 16, 2004
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A triple mohawk. A regular mohawk with two strips of hair on the side of your head, usually in the shape of a cresent going around each ear.
That chick is hot with that trihawk
by Danielle August 15, 2003
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saying someone is nice...awesume!...saying something is sweet to the taste... a beloved person.. . fine...something pleasing to the mind or feeling
-Dayum he gotta sweet ass!
-That cookie sure was sweet!
-You're soo sweet!
by Danielle May 05, 2005
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a type of social group and/or type of punk rock music
the casualties
by Danielle April 08, 2003
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A slut/whore/prostitute who lives and/or works in the gutter; said woman also comes into oral contact with so much human ejaculate, that she is henceforth known as a "cum guzzling gutter whore".
Dude, don't go after that chick...she's a well-known cum guzzling gutter whore.
by danielle April 11, 2007
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Pull: attracting a person in order to sleep with them.
Tail: a female that is looked upon as a sex object, a hot peice of ass.

To pull tail; the act of attracting many many partners to sleep with you because you have game.
"My Uncle was really rich and he used to pull tail."

"When my boyfriend was single he was so hot that he always pulled tail."

"Dude, you slept with so-and-so AND so-and-so? You really pull tail!"
by Danielle February 07, 2005
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