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Something that smokers usually do because they are losers. They are so filled with self-hatred and disdain for the world around them that they see nothing wrong with filling the streets with cigarette butts. Assholes.
Hey asshole! Could you maybe stop littering and pick up after yourself? Your mother isn't here to clean up your shit!
by chuckybubbles December 2, 2011
an addictive drug that basically does three things:

1) smells bad

2) hurts people

3) creates litter
how about putting that cigarette in the toilet where it belongs? then you can piss on it like it deserves, and maybe even take a dump! then you can flush that filth down with all the other shit.
by chuckybubbles October 22, 2012
Someone who inhales smoke on purpose to get a fix of nicotine, a highly addictive drug that should be illegal. They don't realize that smoke is just filth, basically the opposite of fresh clean air. This is worse than inhaling straight up farts, but they do it anyway because they are just so stupid. A smoker could just get an electronic cigarette and inhale their nicotine in water vapor with some flavoring, but they usually don't. They just continue inhaling filth because they are hopeless addicts stuck in a behavioral rut. Smokers usually litter because they don't even care about themselves, let alone the world around them.
Hey smoker! Could you please pick up that butt before I feed it to you and kick you in the balls?
by chuckybubbles December 2, 2011
the act, quality, art, or practice of being a complete piece of shit.
josh is such a jerk to everyone, going out of his way to make bad decisions in every way possible (including chronic smoke inhalation, yuck!) and taking every opportunity to screw over everyone, including himself. he must be trying out for his expert turdmanship badge!
by chuckybubbles April 5, 2009
That layer of stinky filth that clings to people who have been smoking. This labels them as losers to anyone with a sense of smell. Loser dust also accumulates on the furniture in smoky bars and in the homes of losers.
WOW! That loser upwind of us is not smoking right now, but he is clearly covered with enough loser dust to stink up the whole block! You can even see the shitstain on his mustache from here!
by chuckybubbles November 22, 2011
a term used to describe a person, group of people, or country that uses an antiquated system of weights and measures. this system might use measurements like feet, pounds, yards, ounces, stones, leagues, fathoms, cubits, hogs heads, miles, stones throws, gallons, cups, quarts, teaspoons, inches, etc.
the united states is measurementally challenged, as we have still not converted to the metric system. the old system is way retarded.
by chuckybubbles April 25, 2010
a person who is in the habit of making bad decisions, like gambling, smoking, or using other harmful addictive drugs. these habits screw up their lives and make them losers.
stay away from that loser. he reeks like a butt-sucker and even has a shitstain on his mustache. nasty.
by chuckybubbles September 20, 2011