41 definitions by chuckybubbles

sexual intercourse as a cardiovascular exercise
dammit, my right arm is getting way buffer than my left arm. i'm going to have to switch to a regular cardio hump workout program.
by chuckybubbles January 21, 2009
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the way in which the Dutch cook their foods by trapping them under the covers and farting on them.
I just cooked up some lutefisk in the dutch oven. want some?
by chuckybubbles May 19, 2010
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something that makes you fart, as opposed to "fattening" being something that makes you fat.
don't eat beans before a date, because they are fartening.
by chuckybubbles April 06, 2009
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a rare italian sports car, discontinued shortly after initial production because it was unreliable and just not very good.
you drive a fiasco? man, just trade that lame ass shit in for a yugo or some shit like that!
by chuckybubbles November 21, 2009
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a turd in a field, generally left there by a large animal such as a horse.
watch your step! you just about trod on a field roast!
by chuckybubbles March 21, 2009
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someone who literally believes in the supernatural, in fantastical unrealistic things that belong in fantasy stories that fly in the face of modern scientific understanding. a person who ignores rational evidence of the way things actually are according to facts, and instead adheres to a worldview best left behind in the dark ages.
a religious person is a flat earther.
by chuckybubbles July 28, 2016
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