1} A divorce terminology mostly used by an ex, or soon to be ex-wife. Refers to a little tiny small pile of "your shit." Usually clothes and/or pictures spread sporadically upon the front lawn or in a box of "your shit." In some cases it is found to be accompanied along some things you didn't think that you owned. FIRST would be Anal Lube with a little pretty bow on it. SECOND would be a small metal object, also with a cute little pretty bow on it, called a nail clipper. So that you won't scratch your ankles when you grab them to take it up the ass by her lawyer. And THIRD would be a key to a post office box set up in your name only, that when you check it, find it full of bills ... the kind that need to be paid ... not the ones with dead presidents on them.

2} What is left on the end of her lawyers schlong from you.

3} Something said when you find your key doesn't fit in the door anymore.

4} Also denoted in the song from Beyonce.
1} Dear John ... here is your shit ... and, some gifts.
Jane Doe

2} You don't call me anymore :(


4} To the left To the left To the left
To the left To the left To the left
Everything you own in the box to the left
In the closet that's my stuff - Yes
by LayItOnYou March 20, 2007
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Not very good. absolute wank.
Said at the end of a bad joke
"yeah good one, your shit"
by Josh Wardle March 17, 2007
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Being on top of your game, doing whats expected of oneself, having your shit together.
-Hey did you finish that presentation that you've been working on?

Yeah I finished that like 2 days ago.

- Oh damn! I see that you're on your shit, now that's whats up!
by dkellz August 11, 2009
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When you're very fed up and angry with someone and wants end up once for all with some bad situation.
Boy: Baby, I cheated on you once again and I'm really sorry. Please forgive me, I love you.

Girl: Fuck you, you cheated on me so many times and I can't stand your disgusting behaviour anymore! I want break up because I'm done with your shit!
by myself16 June 13, 2014
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To know your shit means you're really knowledgeable about a particular topic or field
Lindsay Lohan: I'm telling you the purity of this meth is 61%

Me: Wow, you really know your shit
by Ededdandeddy November 6, 2015
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the state of being pushed over the edge of sanity and having a complete and utter freak out or mental/emotional breakdown
1. Dude your Losing your shit.

2. On a day to day basis I tip toe the line of losing my shit.

3. If you don't shut the fuck I'm gonna lose my shit and punch babies.

by mau810 April 11, 2011
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To warn somebody that you will fight them.
To say that you will fight somebody.
Yo, don't fucking play with me, I will rock your shit.
by Eamani June 25, 2006
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