Self-analysis of our own motive or attitude toward something. Looking deep within ourselves to find why we think or act the way we do, regarding a particular situation.
You're treating Tina like shit, dude... you better do some soul searching, 'cause I think it's because you want her to leave you, so you can hit on Beth without feeling guilty.
by drfvidal May 17, 2006
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To watch Hentai and more often then not video call with the bois while your at it.
Guy 1: Yo want to hangout after school and do some Soul Searching?
Guy2: Naw I prefer video calling instead
by Kiki_HentaiMaster January 27, 2020
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Picking your nose
Hey John, I can see a booger in your nose. You need to do some serious Soul Searching, dude.
by callousobserver February 14, 2016
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Having a wank.
Guy A: I needed to do some soul searching before I went through with it..
Guy B: Oh? What did you finish to?
by That One Bloke July 03, 2013
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when a guy goes so deep in a women’s vagina the it feels like he’s soul searching in her.
Girl this guy went soul searching in me last night.
by Lionel.k January 28, 2018
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A ridiculous and overly-dramatic phrase that dumbasses and losers use to describe reevaluating their sad, worthless lives. Using this pretentious and pathetic phrase in public will make you look more pitiful than if you were a meth addict at the end of your rope.
John: I just can't get over Tasha dumping me. I think I need to do some soul searching.
Kenny: What is this, Dawson's Creek? Quit talking like you're on a soap opera and get over it.
by mcsuire January 28, 2020
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