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Self-analysis of our own motive or attitude toward something. Looking deep within ourselves to find why we think or act the way we do, regarding a particular situation.
You're treating Tina like shit, dude... you better do some soul searching, 'cause I think it's because you want her to leave you, so you can hit on Beth without feeling guilty.
by drfvidal May 17, 2006
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Picking your nose
Hey John, I can see a booger in your nose. You need to do some serious Soul Searching, dude.
by callousobserver September 15, 2016
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when a guy goes so deep in a women’s vagina the it feels like he’s soul searching in her.
Girl this guy went soul searching in me last night.
by Lionel.k May 03, 2018
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Having a wank.
Guy A: I needed to do some soul searching before I went through with it..
Guy B: Oh? What did you finish to?
by That One Bloke July 03, 2013
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