another way of sayin, screw it or fuck it
chick:lets go somewhere
dude:i dont wana
chick:pleezzz, i luv ya!!
dude:piss on it, letz go
by Totally pissed of teen July 13, 2005
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Another saying for "fuck it" or "I don't care"
My hair looks like craps, oh well "piss on it"
by tamtamB August 28, 2015
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Person1: I can't go out tonight, I have to study for a test.
Person2: Piss on it. Let's go.
by Mike February 25, 2004
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When you're playing baseball and you get a pitch too good to not take deep.
by Colin July 15, 2004
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Simple criteria for rating females attractiveness. Ie: are they attractive enough to let them piss on you.
Is margot robbie a piss or no piss?
Definitely a piss.

What about Amy Schumer?
Hell no. No piss.
by Goontar June 12, 2023
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British - drunk
American - really mad
"Oi, look at Tim! He's pissed off his ass! Haha!"
"Man, I'm fuckin pissed!"
by Tommy F. September 9, 2005
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-the inverse of "clutch"
-another tense of "to be pissed off"
- when something seems really great, but...
So clutch Mr. Ruddy is showing us a movie in class today, but such a piss, he makes us take notes
by Rossgbell December 31, 2016
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