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derived from janky, to describe something as sub-par, poor quality, etc.
Man, that pop quiz today was some jank-ass shit!
by choad June 20, 2003

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comes from the word nukka, which comes from the word nigga, which came from the word nigger, which came from the word negro
used as in a african american adressing another one of his african american friends or a blake man or woman
niccuh 1:niccuh get yo ass ova herrrr b4 i bust a cap in yo ass
niccuh 2: mang stop trifflin' niccuh
by chOad March 30, 2005

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the act of fucking and then spiting on a womens back then she thinks you're done but then you cum in her face
i gave sally a hidden houdini and she took it by surprise.
by choad March 08, 2004

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1. benk, cloud, fubu (n00bie), shanghei, hyper and savi0
2. A black person
Yo nayka, whats up, want a hit?
by choad June 05, 2003

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Jacking off to small desert rodents.
Stop hamsterbating on my cage you whore.
by choad May 08, 2003

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Someone who is no longer going done the hill at a slow pace, but is running at a full trot and can not stop themselves
Jim is a sexagenarian
by choad May 06, 2004

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Dingleberries are found in the anal and choad region of the body. They are a combination of toilet paper and sheot. This combination is practically indestructable.
New! Capt'n Crunch with dingleberries.
by CHOAD April 08, 2003

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