slang for my nigga, but can be used by the white boy due to less offensive tendancies. Warning: only attempt with the boys, do not call a random large black man a nukka...or prepared to be shot
Word to my nukka!
What up nukka?
by AJM February 20, 2003
A white mans term for a black man, so that he might not get the shit beat out of him for using it.
What's up nukka
by Ryan Garrett August 26, 2003
A way to say nigga without actually saying it. For a white guy this is probably a better word unless you really know the black guy and can say nigga.
What's good my nukka?
by DaHornet141 September 14, 2004
A word used by white people that is used as a substitute for the word "nigga". Usually thought to be less offensive than the actual word, it still will probably get you shot or beaten the hell up if used around a black person for any variation of the word "nigga" is considered offensive, no matter how or when it is used.
white kid:"yo, what up my nukka?"
black kid:"what'd you call me?"
white kid:"I said 'nukka' so its ok"
black kid:"I don't care how you said it, I'm still gon kick ya ass"
by D.O.fosho March 6, 2008
An intelligent, hardworking, driven, and well rounded young man usually in college or a college graduate. This term is reserved for only the best and brightest young men.
Dad: I can't believe that our Jimmy graduated from college.

Mom: Yes, I am so proud of our little nukka.

Dad: I agree; he is great.
by flippapotomus April 9, 2010
A fun playful alternative to nigga or nigger, which are more offensive. However, hardcore blacks may still take offense to this and then try to do that acting tough thing they do.
Me: "Hey what's up nukka"
Black: "The fuck you say bitch? Imma beat your craka ass in foo!"
Me: "Ugh, nukka please"
by The Jailbird November 4, 2008
A word white kids think they can use instead of the word nigga but really can't. Black kids WILL catch feelings and beat you down.
white kid: whats good nukka.

Black kid: what did you say?

white kid: I thought it was cool.

Black kid: naw it ain't and you bout to get it
by fresh prince figga May 21, 2008