(n) Hiphop clothing company founded in 1992. FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us", referring to the founders purpose: clothes designed by African-Americans for African-Americans. Many items from the clothing line display the number "05", which stands for the five childhood friends from Queens who founded the company. In an interview with HarlemLive, Carl Brown and Keith Perrin of FUBU state: "There were five of us all out of Queens, we grew up together as friends and remained friends. With $5,000 seed money we were able to start our business." In 1999 FUBU reported an annual turnover of about $350 million. "Under the FUBU is a guru" -- Common (The 6th Sense 2000)

from rapdict.org
My fubu shirts are newer than yours.
by Tiffany November 3, 2002
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fubu and fubar were US Army slang dating back to at least WWII. Fubu was short for fucked up beyond understanding and fubar was short for fucked up beyond all recognition. There were other acronyms also, but I don't remember them. It is hysterically funny to us "old" folks to see the young kids wearing shirts that have FUBU on them. Yeah, you're so cool...
"How's it going with your transfer?"

"Oh, fubu, as usual."
by Dawn Denney May 11, 2007
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wackest 'hip hop' clothing brand. they used to be cool but i dont know what happened
-Did you see those Fubu jerseys?
-Yeah they're on sale for $5.99 at Marshalls.
by five star wifey June 16, 2004
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FUBU is an acronym that stands for For Us By Us; however, it's not meant to be racist. In an interview, it was said that growing up as inner-city kids, they thought only inner-city kids liked to wear Timbs and such. Not racism. Still...FUBU sucks.
FUBU sucks. Mmkay. ...'Cause shotgun bullets is bad fah yea' health.
by renato June 9, 2005
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(FU)cking (BU)llshit, pronounced "foo-boo."
friend 1: yooo hold up i just disproved einsteins theory of relativity
friend 2: nah thats fubu
by wax m February 2, 2018
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brand of clothing worn by people who don't like to work. Synonomous with lazy
That dude doesn't like to work...he is very fubu
by slick vic June 7, 2005
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