To make oneself comfortable, usually by moving closer to another person or thing. To embrace closely, as to show affection or offer warmth.
Snuggling always helps me calm down and feel secure.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén August 26, 2004
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1. V. To get close, cuddle, and lean against each other, usually while sitting.
2. N. A friend's current crush.
1. I've snuggled with my boyfriend, but we haven't kissed yet.
2. Look, there goes Anna's snuggle. We should try to hook them up.
by Maran May 27, 2006
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Like cuddling. Kind of a hug, but while lying down and 2 people facing the same way.
I was feeling bad, so I snuggled with david.
by ninjagirl12 January 11, 2012
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To engage in close embrace with another person. Usually in place of sex, especially if you think Bob Dole and those "E.D." commercials might be on to something.
"Let's snuggle, honey."
"I thought you went to the doctor, already."
by dude February 19, 2003
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Any pillow with a shape that makes it very comfortable to hug.
I bought a new snuggle from Kohls!
by razaac July 28, 2010
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1)to play, lick, or suck a person's testicles
2)the be next to a person while hugging or spooning
"snuggle deeeez nutz biatch"
"come over her and lets snuggle!"
by chOad March 16, 2005
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