if you're done, you just said/did something really dumb, and someone just owned you basically and told you "youre done"
person 1- good thing i brought my library card, 'cause i'm checking you out!
person 2- ....you're done.
by youredone February 19, 2008
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A term used to describe the ending point of a relationship or series of events in which excessive and unexplained wackiness permitted no further attention or validation. The term is commonly used in conjunction with a hand gesture to the side of the head as if turning off the ignition key, or switch.
You were looking for a drywall knife in an old cardboard box in your basement and found some pills instead and thought it would be an excellent idea to take a couple to see if it might be old narcotic pain pills 'cause your back was sore and it turned out to actually be Ecstasy and you endied up tripping wildly for 12 plus hours and destroyed your apartment?

You're done!!
by Half Measures April 9, 2007
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A phrase used by teachers and parents on seemingly disobedient teenagers to make them feel scared and uncomfortable. Little do these "adults" know, many teens have developed an immunity to the phrase and are left unaffected when it is used on them, even with the loudest voice.
Child: "Mom, you're such a fuckhead! Why did you order me XXL-sized underwear, you know I deserve the XXXXL-sized underwear!"
Mom: "You're such an abusive child! Go to your room! Now! You're DONE!!!"
Child: *Calls upon immunity* "Nuh, uh mom. Imma stay right here until you explain your horrible actions, you asshole!"
Mom: *takes Daddy's super-long belt*
Child: "AAAAAAAA!!!! MOMMY NO!!!!!"
by SchauchRodd November 6, 2021
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Phrase, Adverb

1.) A statement that is an attempt to cease an action

2.) A statement that is said after a person is 'owned.'

3.) A statement that is suited to fulfill a retribution.
1.) Johnny, you're done making those noises.

2.) Austin: It's prickly!

Justin: No it's prickish or prick-like.

Austin: Not it's not!

Justin: You're entailing he was stabbed with pricks from a bush. You're done.

3.) Justin: Way to leave me hanging you ass!

Zach: You're done.
by The Donest Bro December 6, 2011
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a very nice way to tell someone to be quiet because you're sick of them talking. Usually slurred out when saying. It's quite nicer than saying "Shut the fuck up bitch."
Very useful
Cindy: So omg i was at the mall yesterday and i bought these new shoes omg they were so adorable and i was like these are pink and i like love pi-
Grace: aaand you're done.

Marcus: Dude I'm on the Varsity team for football and I'm the coolest person ever
Grace: aaaannnddd you're done
by Gracie S. April 24, 2006
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I term meaning "You are fucked" or "There's no way out". Often applied to non-severe issues such as a flat bike tire. However, it can also be used to taunt a friend when they encounter an legitimate reason to worry.

Another use implies threat.
Use 1
Person 1: "Dude, that ugly girl asked me out and I was so drunk I said yes!"
Person 2: "You're done son."

Use 2
Person 1 spills hot coffee all over some douche bag at the food court.

Douche Bag: "You're done son."
by Eastcoastvibe September 18, 2013
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A usually nicer and politer way of telling someone to shut up or shut the fuck up
Tiffany: LyKE omG I gotZ this neW Jessica McClintock dreSSz and I'mm surrE Jason will LOve it1!!!!11

Ashlyn: OmG no waysz!!11 I'm so00 jealous you dumb bitch!11 I want a Jessica McClintock dress

Tiffany: I knOw rite?

Me: aaand you're done
by DizzyLizzy January 16, 2007
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