Shaddy, Sneaky, Someone who can not be trusted.
That b*t*ch is trifflin'!
by Angie s May 10, 2005
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sad, pathetic, unmotivated excuse for a person or action. can also be accentuated with the use of the word ass.
Drill Sergeant: "Trifflin'...that's what this is, private.
A trifflin'-ass excuse for a uniform."

"all these trifflin'-ass females walking around like they're Paris Hilton, when they really look like her dog!"
by puagirl April 18, 2006
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Nasty; dirty; spiteful; ill-nature; disgusting to the senses, unpleasant
"She never cleans her house and her kids are always dirty, she is just trifflin'."

"He is so funky, with his trifflin' ass, why doesn't he take a shower?"
by Superwomen August 15, 2007
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To start problems or to create drama.
"Nigga you know dat shit ain't true. Why you be trifflin'?"

"She know I ain't her baby daddy. She just be trifflin'."

"Her trifflin' ass is goin' round sayin' dat I got a small dick."
by Tomahhtoe October 03, 2009
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my ex boyfriend says he still likes me and we still mess around untill i found out hes been tring to grope on my mom while im not around
i pay for everything for him
i have to pick up after his nasty ass
but not any more fucking triflin bastard
His trifflin' ass needs to stay away from my mamma and me.
by megann July 29, 2006
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