Usually penis, penis wider than it is long, or the area between the penis and anus. Taken from colloquial Spanish.
lick my choad.
by Antar the Dragon God January 13, 2003
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Choad, also spelt chode, is a variant of the word choda (penis) which comes from the Hindi word (chodna). Chodna simply means to fuck. The word choad however is what is known as a neologism. This is a word that is newly acknowledged but has not been in circulation long enough or widely enough for its social status to be determined. As it stands, the word choad has three major definitions.
1) A short, fat penis that is wider than it is longer
2) The area between the scrotum/vagina and the anus.
3) A derogatory term used to insult somebody.
1) Ducas has a fat choad.
2) Last night your mom tongued my choad.
3) Quit being such a choad.
by ducas June 6, 2007
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(1) A penis, usually wider than long.
(2) The perineal area. See taint or grundle.
(3) Pubic hair. This definition seems to originate from New Jersey.
(1) Whoa! He's hung like a beer can! What a choad!
(2) Lick my choad.
(3) Eat my choad.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
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1) A penis that is wider than it is long.
2) A young man, usually white, who asserts his personality via car modifications and tattoos.
1) He's a jerk and treats me bad, but a least he doesn't have a choad.
2) He put a fucking spoiler on his car? What a choad!
by themickfiles April 18, 2011
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a species of amphibious creature in which there are more than three Mister Jiggles on a webbed foot.
Chaka Khan said, "Hey, Ed where's good Ol' Barrel Gang at ?""Damn, good ol' Barrel Gang gone to get some more choads down by the river bank again!!"
by dingleberrypancakes February 7, 2010
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(1) A penis, usually wider than long.
(2) The perenium, the area in between the scrotum and anus. Also called grundle, gooch, taint, or durf.
(3) A chunky load.
(1) Have you seen Danny's choad? That thing looks like a hockey puck!
(2) Remember kids: Never wipe backwards, or you'll smear feces all over your choad.
(3) Sheila said she spent an hour cleaning off that choad he blew on her face.
by The Ogre November 6, 2005
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