Lazy typist's way of spelling 'before'
"U bin there b4, bro?"
"ya, wit u"
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Most commonly the last thing you hear before "I sunk yo battleship!"

24 hrs nonstop shop, if you forgot something or your just coming home from downtown, stop by anyone is welcome! employing the youth of tomorrow
Snowman: Man now what?
Noid: B4?
by foug June 19, 2003
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An abbreviation used on messageboards like /b/ in anticipation of a certain image, event, or meme occuring.
"In b4 Togepi" = I am sure that any second now, a picture of Togepi will be posted to this thread.

"In b4 b&" = There is no doubt that someone is about to get the banhammer because of their churlish behavior.

"In b4 v&" = I am quite certain that the FBI will soon be showing up to take us all for a ride in the party van, and if such a thing happens, you can't say I didn't see it coming.
by Frederico Lo Cunto April 30, 2007
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a short for "in before" . Term used in forums around the internet such as 4chan
in b4 mods ban us
by Them4n3r January 17, 2015
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B4 is a vitamin supplement drink that prevents hangovers from happening before they start.
Don't forget to have a B4, we're going to get our drink on tonight!
by beagle74 April 20, 2018
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An act that is sought out and done purely because a person has never done it before. Such acts are usually things the person has wanted to do for a long time. The urge to brag is a common side effect of doing a never b4.
Bronzin at a nude beach for the first time is a never b4.
by c...b... August 4, 2009
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Best rapper of all time, best freestyler of all time.
"Did you hear the new dj b4 cd...that shit is cold"
by jin December 15, 2004
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