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A deceased genre of music; it has been replaced by a lesser, weaker form called 'rock' .

A genre of music that actually involves talent in which singers, with an actual vocal range, with actual musicians , who actually know their instruments, actually play technically-important music that can't be done by 5 minutes of Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, or some other home-crapshop recorder.
Led Zeppelin was a good Rock 'n' Roll band.
by ben October 07, 2003
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A completely uneducated saying a toothless redneck would say even though Alabama has not been a national powerhouse in football since the Bear left.
Bama is number one. We will win a national championship. Bear Bryant is alive. Roll Tide!!
by ben September 27, 2004
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To be screwed over, usually financialy
those bastards have rooked me out of £50
by ben October 28, 2003
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I got a Muted Trumpet. It made me go "wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhh"
by ben November 07, 2003
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An award ceremony where black people are guarrenteed to win! Many other races and people have been persecuted more than blacks yet blacks get an award show!
I ain't racist I'm just pointing out certain wrongs within the world, I don't see any Jewish award ceremonies or Mexican ones... yet the NAACP doesn't give awards to whites and it isnt considered racist!
by ben March 25, 2005
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