wearing nothing under a coat, only to open it and show your junk to everyone.
Some shithead came to the party, opened his coat, and flashed everyone.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003
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HM 05 of the Pokemon games; it lights up dark areas (like caves), and in battle reduces your foe's accuracy.
Flash is a Normal type attack; it can be taught to nearly every Pokemon
by Shawn B. October 23, 2003
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A DC Comics superhero with the ability to run at impossible speeds from sound to light. There have been lots guys to wear the costume in the past(Jay Garrick-Barry Allen)But the coolest one so far is Wally West who started off as the original Flash's sidekick. One thing about the Flash is that he makes a lot of F'ing enemies, so he famous for his Rogues Gallery.
by Tolin November 09, 2005
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Fastest man alive. Runs the speed of light(that's 186000 miles per second holmes)also the most kick aznass superhero ever to live, he is so fricken awesome that he could f your mom fifty times and then run around the world in less than a second.
Stoner: Dude! Why is your mom lying on the floor naked in a pool of her own blood?

Dude: I dunno, must have been the flash.
by deflatemouse March 13, 2004
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The most overpowered summoner spell in League of Legends. Allows your champion to instantly blink in a near target location. Can be used to reposition in a way such as chasing, running away, stealing, outplaying, insecing, kiting, faking people out etc. Can be used over walls.
I was about to get away with low hp but the Garen used Flash and ulted me.
by Broken Grasshopper June 18, 2018
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Flash is a program developed by Macromedia. It is widely used for internet development. It can be intergrated with most other Mecromedia products, such as d
reamweaver or Fireworks.
This program was developed in Flash
by Mince July 16, 2004
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