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To have sex with, especially spontanously and/or with great passion/force.
by ben September 29, 2003
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(nal.ga) 1.(n.) a slang term for an african american male
If you call a black man a nigger expect to get your ass kicked, if you call a black person a nalga expect death upon yourself and your family.
by ben February 27, 2005
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Northeast Dick Head. A person from Northeast Philadelphia who goes to bars and starts fights, gets wasted and acts like an idiot. Usually the dickhead who pisses in the sink when there is a long line in the bathroom
Hey Ben, lets go to Flatspins bar, I hear it's banging. No Rob, I don't want to go there and hang out with those fucking NEDS.
by ben December 02, 2003
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Patch of skin between your navel and genital area upon which pubic hairs grow.
"I would have gotten a blow job, but the hair on my neech was out of control."
by ben December 08, 2003
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A classic nerd (A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits) but unlike many "True Nerds" a nerdco is stylish and has good social skills.
He is so nerdco
by ben October 13, 2003
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