Date rape is a fast growing phenomenon in Pubs and Nightclubs. The essential idea is that you spike a target's drink with a sedative drug, usually GHB or Rohypnol, and wait for them to become affected and semi-unconscious. At this point you offer to help the virtually incapacitated victim home or to a taxi, obviously nobody will be suspicious as the victim appears simply to be heavily inebriated. Having taken the victim to a secluded spot, you proceed to rape them, the effect of the drug ensuring they can offer no resistance or remember the experience/assailant. Due to the nature of the crime, in up to 80% of date rapes the victim knows the rapist well.
"Don't leave your drink unattended, as you may get date raped"
by TheDreamer'sClub February 18, 2005
Rape committed by someone known to the victim. Ie, not a complete stranger.

The term Date Rape was coined back in the day, when people believed "real" rape was only when the man used a knife, gun or beat the woman half to death.

Nowadays people understand that no means no, and if a guy forces sex on a girl, regardless of whether he threatens violence or hits her, it's called rape. The term date rape has outlived its usefulness.
Date rape is a specific type of rape.
by GAWII July 11, 2008
A song made popular by the musical group Sublime. The song wasn't very well liked by the band itself.
let me tell you about a girl i know,
had a drink about a hour ago
sitting in a corner by herself,
in a bar in downtown l.
she heard a noise and she looked through the door.
and saw a man she'd never seen before.
light skin, light blue eyes, a double-chin and a plastic smile.


her heart raced as he walked through the door
and took an empty seat next to her at the bar.
"my brand new car is parked right outside.
how'd ya like to go for a ride?"

and she said

"wait a minute i have to think."
he said."that's fine. may i please buy you a drink"
one drink turned into 3 or 4
and they left and got into his car
and drove someplace real far.

now babe the time has come.
how'd ya like to have a little fun?
and she said.
"if we could only please be on our way
i will not run."

that's when things got out of control.
she didn't want to, he had his way.
she said."let's go" he said."no way!"

come on babe it's your lucky day.
shut your mouth, were gonna do it my way.
come on baby don't be afraid,
if it wasn't for date rape i'd never get laid.


he finished up and he started the car
he turned around and drove back to the bar
he said."now baby don't be sad,
in my opinion you weren't half-bad."
she picked up a rock.,threw it at the car,
hit him in the head ,now his got a big scar.
come on party people won't you listen to me.
date rape styley.

the next day she went to her drawer,
looked up her local attorney at law,
went to the phone and filed a police report
and then she took the guy's ass to court.


the day he stood in front of the judge he screamed.
"she lies that little slut!"
the judge knew that he was full of shit
and he gave him 25 yrs
and now his heart is filled with tears.

one night in jail it was getting late.
he was butt-raped by a large inmate
and he screamed.
but the guards paid no attention to his cries.

that's when things got out of control.
the moral of the date rape story,
it does not pay when your drunk and horny.

but that's the way it had to be.
they locked him up and threw away the key
well, i can't take pity on men of his kind,
even though he now takes it in the behind
by snafu June 11, 2005
Date rape is an archaic term from a past time.

The definition of date rape: Rape committed by a person known to the victim. That's it. RAPE committed by someone who is NOT a complete stranger to the victim.

Many people nowadays might find this confusing. "Isn't that just rape?" they might ask? Well when the term date rape was coined, no it wasn't. 40, 30, even 20 years ago, what society deemed as rape was a man coming out of a dark alley and forcing sex on a woman with the use of violence; or at least with the strong threat of violence. That act was what society deemed as rape, and if the man was caught he would likely go to prison. Now, what if a woman went to a man's house to have a cup of coffee after a date? If he forced sex on her, even with her pleading him to stop, was that rape? At that time no it was not. If the woman went to the police, all she would likely hear are things like "You were coming on to him, he couldn't help himself." If the case even went to court she would practically be put on trial herself, the defense claiming that she was a slut and the man was just showing her a good time.

It's true. If the man didn't have a knife or beat the woman half to death, clearly it wasn't rape. That's what society believed.

So the term date rape was created. To describe an event of non-consensual sex which didn't fit society's "traditional" view of rape. BUT... today the term is outdated. "Date rape" is now simply considered rape.
I vote the term date rape be stricken from the lexicon. It's outlived its usefulness.
by GAWII February 6, 2019
Occurs from over consumption of too much hard alcohol (monarch, 151, capt. Morgan etc…) Begin to black out and next thing you know your friend’s decent but desperate older sister is on your lap messing with your gear. Next thing you know your on bathroom floor, car, or couch having very loud sex.

Wonder of how the fuck this came to be sets in after word but realization that you nailed your friend’s sister and is very hilarious event. Friends’ telling of this event spreads like wildfire and you get a good 15 minutes of fame for your drunken no pants dance.

Because of your intoxication this event should be considered date rape.
"Dude, I nailed your sister. She is a freak in bed man." haha

She committed a date rape when she got me when I was drunk
by SpunCrazyB January 17, 2006
A sub-category of rape. Yes, it is one of the MANY dirty things that HAPPENS in this unquestionably dirty world, however:

Date rape has been hyped beyond all reason or proportion by feminists looking for a pretext to augment their campaign against *men* in every possible way.

'Date Rape' is also the title of an unquestionably entertaining, well-crafted and demagogic FICTIONAL NARRATIVE which has been set to music by a certain band. The fact that the song is *only fiction* cannot be repeated often enough. It doesn't matter if the song describes an archetypal scenario that "could" happen; it is STILL *only fiction*. It serves to arouse primitive and rather ugly one-sided emotions (e.g. schadenfreude) on the part of the listener, and at the same time to short-circuit rational discourse upon this unquestionably complex hot-button social issue...
The song 'Date Rape' functions as feminist agitprop, whether the band members intended it that way or not...
by fidelbogen February 10, 2005
When a woman tries to cock tease a man by acting like she wants to have sex with him and then changing her mind at the last moment so she can have a psychological hold on him. However, if the guy gets to turgid and has sex with her anyway, she calls "date rape" because her plan backfires.
"Date rape" is the last line of defense of closet dominatrixes.
by R. Kemp February 5, 2005