To temporarily ignore or leave out someone, usually due to a minor fall out. Can be done face to face, by text or msn.
Girl 1: OH NO! Emma just tried to talk to me online! Urgh she is soooo annoying
Girl 2: hmm just patch her

Boy: I saw Christie today and waved at her, but she just patched me...
by patching.master January 3, 2010
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To be spanked on the buttocks with a wet and soapy rubber glove.
Patch me harder baby....yeah, that's how I like it.
by FUCKUPHIMA January 24, 2015
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An old, washed up movie star who is still trying to make it in the movie industry. You may be familiar of him in such films as 101 Dalmations.
There goes that ol' Patch again, poor guy.
by bisqnick April 17, 2011
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To kill someone or completely eliminate a group of people, normally a gang.
"Don't listen to him his gang not on that for real they getting patched"
"I patched that goofy he was talking too much"
by Juicy_Jay May 13, 2021
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Patch is the sexiest and a wise man with the perfect cock even if he wasn’t lit fineass women still let him fuck he has a serious super swagger and his balls hang low that amia loves to suck on some fineass women suck on his balls even when they are stinky and hairy and sweat dripping especially while he’s at work they clean it all up with their mouths and or hand sanitizer and wipes it is unbelievable he is from Texas and is trill and likes to have fun he has sex with women that nobody thought he could pull and is savage and fearsome and not afraid to knock a motherfucker out he’s a balls deep deep dicking deep stroking he’s got that thrust that makes you cum all over his dick filling that wap up with all your creamer juice and leave you running for the hills He is blessed and amazing he can last for hours and if he doesn’t then he will make it up to you
Oh my god he filled my pussy up and had me licking off all of my nut off his cock I couldn’t stop cumming I ain’t gonna lie I ran away the first night but when I came back some chick was in there and she was fucking his brains out I was watching and started playing with myself and then she asked if I could join and right when I got on the bed patch came everywhere on her ass Like what a fucking night
by Big daddy lil pp November 23, 2021
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Husky fellow that resides at the McCallie School and happens to get much vagina.
Is it true you had sex with Patch last night?
by unavailiable February 3, 2004
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Patch/Pad/Beat Patch/Cut in:

A place in the countryside one drives to to smoke weed. Usually a patch of concrete or grass off road used during harvesting, hidden by trees/hedgerow in a farmers field. A good patch would have nice scenery, little mud and uneven ground, be discreet (no tyre tracks that can be followed and car can't be seen from road) and be able to cater for a few cars at once.
*If the farmer comes in his truck looking pissed off and with a gun tucked under his arm, run/drive/fly. .fast.

*Who are the twats that always leave munchie-rubbish everywhere? BAIT! Patchs are used by farmers too. .

*Having car lights on in the dark so people can see you on the road. .bad idea.
by Superjimmeh February 17, 2009
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