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The paranoia beast is a many-headed, many-horned, invisible beast that descends upon a group of stoners as they slide into mashedness and causes them all to suspect each other of pretty much anything. Repeated exposure to the paranoia beast causes long-term psychosis, and can lead to complete insanity, during which the victim is unable to trust anyone or anything, and is permanently haunted by the beast night and day, when every creak, every knock, every minute sound is the beast's footsteps.
Stoner 1: Is Kenny okay? He's got that strange look in his eyes....
Stoner 2: Looks like he's being visited by the Paranoia Beast. Give him a bit, he'll come round.
Kenny: (Growls)
by ben November 27, 2005
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Personality disorder now dismissed by psychiatrists but a popular term with people who have to label other people. Being verbally helpful but unhelpful in action.
Brian said that he would happily wash my windows, but instead he just spit on them and wiped it with his sleeve, a week late.
by ben September 03, 2004
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To conquer an enemy in an online game such as Counter-Strike.
I totally pawned BoomBoomStick!
by ben February 13, 2003
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To leave or exit or evacuate the scene/premises
yo im bout to peel, this party is wack
by ben May 15, 2003
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Music having alot of bass, lacking in proper structure. Trance techno
"Check my phat ass bangin' toons mush"
by ben December 15, 2004
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a website design company, PhatTastic Designs™, affordable web design.
Go to phattastic.com to get a website.
by ben January 12, 2004
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