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that girls ass is da shit
by ben December 17, 2004
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1: Creator of the '1337' Language. Also, the most fluent speaker of '1337'. (See 'leet' more information)

2: Nightelf rogue on the Stormreaver WoW server.

3: A sound often made by those who are surprised, excited, or scared.
'Eep sure is good at speaking leet!'

'I just got ganked by some rogue named Eep...'

'*monster ravages little town*'
-Little girl- 'Eep!'
by ben March 3, 2005
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One individual who scaliwages anothers port hole by force.
RRRRR! Pull down your pants and show me your poop deck so I can scaliwage your port hole or you can walk the plank to Davy Jones locker.
by ben June 5, 2004
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Some body with a dick shaped like a cashew. i.e. curved, small, and deformed
Most asians have cashew dicks
by ben April 20, 2005
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the face you make saying "oh" while having sex
"show her my o-face"
by ben February 8, 2003
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someone who is entirely subservant to someone in a loftier position
danny xayrath
by ben November 15, 2002
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Its definition is the same as cheef, a term meaning idiot, plonker or prat. The addition of the silent capital H, is reserved only for instances where, a person can be described as behaving like a "Right cheefH" where there idiocy has passed any respectable boundary.
<Ben> Easy dude, can I have that £5 you owe me?
<Neil> Stop lying, I don’t owe you anything!
<Ben> Give me the £5 you cheefH!
by ben November 23, 2004
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