436 definitions by ben

the substance that is oftenly found coming out the end of a man's little rodger upon the moment of climax..
A chicken burger with extra mangravy
by ben March 29, 2003
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Being "marinated" with too much alcohol, and therefore somewhat incompacitated.
Man, Brenton the swan got so marinated last night, he pissed in his own shoe!
by ben April 5, 2005
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the water in the ocean, especially around carribean coral areas.
the water where cruise ships dump their waste
by ben January 2, 2004
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Reverse Shocker. Two in the poo, one in the coo. Two in the ass, one in the grass. Inverted shocker dive. (source-Top Gun)
After applying the shocker, turn wrist 180 degrees counter clock-wise (thumb to the south) and re-insert. This will result in a white gooey substance. Don't be alarmed.
by ben November 17, 2003
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A computer game featuring a constapated man with a quiff and a face like a slapped ass doing a drug bust over his dead family. Max Payne can dodje bullets with his magig egg timer and stay cool after being shot in the face with sawn off shotgun.

Max, the legend, uses painkillers to stay alive, and can keep a lead pipe, a baseball bat, desert eagle, several berettas, 3 shotguns, a jackhammer, grenedas, two ingrams, an m16, rifle, grenede launcher, molotov cocktails and shit loads of ammo under his leather jacket and not look fat.

In my opinion, pretty fucking cool.
Look at me!! i can kill 3 badboy yardies with 2 bullets and i havent had a poo for over three years!!
by ben February 25, 2005
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a pussy shaped mcnugget at mcdonalds. or just a pussy.
dave is a pussy ass mcpussy.
by ben December 5, 2003
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a twenty four ounce can of beer and a BC Powder taken at the same time to take the edge off.
After the strenuous day at work I stopped at the gas station and picked up a meal pack to ease my pain.
by ben March 24, 2005
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