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Low quality marijuana. Often referred to as schwag or reggies.
Man, I wanted some dank, but that bastard only had regs.
by Ben January 16, 2003

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A computer game featuring a constapated man with a quiff and a face like a slapped ass doing a drug bust over his dead family. Max Payne can dodje bullets with his magig egg timer and stay cool after being shot in the face with sawn off shotgun.

Max, the legend, uses painkillers to stay alive, and can keep a lead pipe, a baseball bat, desert eagle, several berettas, 3 shotguns, a jackhammer, grenedas, two ingrams, an m16, rifle, grenede launcher, molotov cocktails and shit loads of ammo under his leather jacket and not look fat.

In my opinion, pretty fucking cool.
Look at me!! i can kill 3 badboy yardies with 2 bullets and i havent had a poo for over three years!!
by ben February 25, 2005

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To fail spectacularly.
Dude, I totally bombed that Advanced Quantum Physics III midterm. I'm such an idiot!!!
by Ben November 30, 2003

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retarded way of spelling i don't know
whats for dinner
by Ben February 07, 2004

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(n) A brown, thick, tasty, German liquor. Jagermeister is German for hunter master. It goes great with root beer or 151. Look for the green bottle with the deer on it.
Wow, this Jagermeister is so tasty. I sure wish I had some more.
by ben October 06, 2003

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A school providing its students with some of the most amazing opportunities in one of the world's greatests citys. Critics would be quick to examine themselves first before decrying the university for its shortcomings.
Hey look at me, I went to NYU and employment wasn't handed to me on a silver platter after I graduated, it must be the school's fault.

Hey look, I worked hard for four years in the media capital of the world, now I'm on an awesome career track. Yay for me.
by ben October 25, 2004

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friend, companion
soi m8
by Ben February 11, 2004

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