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A selection of sports including long jump record holder Spatz with 12 chairs, high jump ben seaber jumped ali's nipple hight. Hurdles won by ben seaber wooooo
Ben Jumped really high and fell into pool table hurting himself bt he jumped higher than every1
by ben April 13, 2005
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a stupid banking institution with giant fees
i going down to the commonwealth bank to effectivly burn my money
by ben October 8, 2003
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Sum1 who has a fadge-like face
1.My brother tom has a fadge face
2.look at my fadge face
by ben April 13, 2005
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A place where people with nothing better to do other than watch Star Trek and play D&D go.
-- Hey, what did you do Friday night?
-- Uh, I stayed home and went on FanFiction.net.
by ben September 29, 2003
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A term used to describe a style of eating, generally involving the use of fangs.
"Some people are being fangoriously eaten by a gelatinous monster." - Strong Bad
by ben September 12, 2003
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I so am not a nerd and definately am not single. Fantasmic is a combination of Fantasic and Orgasmic. It doesn't mean "great" but more of a magical euphoria...Think about that feeling of release.
It was fantasmic when SHE talked to me!
by ben June 20, 2003
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