A mixed drink is an alcoholic beverage containing one or more types of hard liquor mixed (hence the origin of the term) with non-alcoholic beverages or other flavoring ingredients known as mixers. These mixtures range from simple (two ingredients) to very complex. It is usually done for the sake of making the drink taste more appealing (and less like straight alcohol).

May also be called a cocktail.
My favorite mixed drink is the Screwdriver; half orange juice, half vodka.
by JohnG307 July 8, 2007
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possibly the um...coolest thing ever. i think yes
me and my homek are gonna get us some mixed drinks wen we club it up in MEXICO heck yes
by douche#! November 19, 2004
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1) The result of ejaculating onto a lactating girl's breasts.

2) The combination of seminal fluid and breast milk.
I busted a nut on her tits, she squeezed out some leche, and we had ourselves a mixed drink.
by Coop R. March 10, 2009
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a mixed drink consisting of:
1 part chambord liqueur
1 part gin
2 parts Sprite

*as featured at The Ultimate HammJamm, Culinary Institute of America
Damn! This Diesel (Mixed Drink) is potent!
Yeah! Don't boof it or it'll kill ya! haha
by Diesel-Boofin' November 18, 2010
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A bent straw in a mixed drink is a for sure sign the owner of said drink is clearly homosexual. They usually drive trucks to big for them trying to compensate for other areas they lack. (Either height or weiner length)
Why does Sean have "a bent straw in his mixed drink." It's because he is gay.
by HarleyCMC February 5, 2017
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Any alcoholic drink that does not, in any way taste sweet or enjoyable. Manly mixed drinks include vodka and ever clear, jäger and whiskey, Guinness and brandy. A manly mixed drink is very strong, and very manly. It's main objective is to get you shit faced in a timely manner
After a couple manly mixed drinks, I was turnt to the max.
by Jenniferlawrencesclitoris April 11, 2014
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