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Originating in the north west of Victoria, Australia, this word is used to describe the looks of another human being that you have hooked up with whilst in a drunken stupour.
John: Did you see the chick Smithy picked up last night?
Ryan: Yeah, she was rankballs.
by bear October 25, 2004
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To fuck, where the man's balls are banging off the recipients arse.
by bear January 23, 2003
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Lick my ring.
by bear January 23, 2003
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While a rampant metrosexual, a roguen can also be often found a blazing red horse of war, altho his sword is only 2.5 FE. Being completely obcessed with programming, you will find most roguens choose to mutilate their bodies with tatooes of binary. This usually happens when they are caught off guard in the unfamiliar surroundings of the outside world. When cause like this and trapped in a corner without a laptop they need to program wherever they can, so they use their bodies. Sort of like an animal who chews its leg off to escape a trap.

Should you encounter a roguen, proceed with caution and offer eggplant as a sign of friendliness.
Robbie sure is a roguen.
by bear February 21, 2005
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a description of an event that should be happy, but ends up being miserable.
Guy1: That hot chick I went out with last night? She just wants to be friends.
Guy2: awww man, sad christmas.
by bear January 12, 2005
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Having an erection, and by implication, also horny.
"I want to fuck, cause my dick's on bone." From "the Fuck Shop" by 2 Live Crew
by bear September 24, 2004
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A penis, specifically the helmet shaped end.
Come here and lick me purple..
by bear January 23, 2003
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