Oh my god I can't believe you fell for that!

Definition: "You are gay" is a message that you write and hide. If discovered, the person who reads it next fails the test, and is branded GAY.

For example, if there is a notepad lying around, turn over one page, write YOU ARE GAY on the next page, turn back the front page, then wait. Once discovered, shout, "HA! YOU ARE GAY" at the person discovering.

WARNING. It is possible you may forget about it, and indeed fail the test yourself. If you do this, you are most definitely gay.
Stu: writes you are gay on notepad.
Malc: Turns the page on the notepad and discovers message.
Everyone else in room: Haaaa aha ha ha haaaaa ha.
by stu April 5, 2005
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The insult to end all insults, if you say you mom gay to someone then immediately leave to not witness a suicide.
"Youre stupid."
"Yeah well you mom gay."
"How could you?" *kills self*
by FUCKING END YOUR LIFE February 24, 2018
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A way to describe a person who has done an idiotic thing. Leaving them with terrible consequence at the end.
Omg I can't believe you just did that! You have gay!
by fireballpenguin November 23, 2017
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Question: Are you gay?

in Transporter 3
Frank Martin: Has it ever occurred to you that I'm not in the mood

Valentina: come on!

Frank Martin: ..No

Valentina: ooh...

Valentina: You da GAY?
by Huyisthatsohardtopronouneshiet November 29, 2008
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When losing during a friendly game of pool, or simply billiards, the appropriate phrase to say to your opponent is "You Suck Gay". The word is also appropriate to use when losing at any type of event or activity, but particularly in billiards.
Lonnie: Robin, I'm beating you so bad!
Robin: Lonnie, YOU SUCK GAY!
by Hefron February 8, 2008
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IdoobzTV creator
"Do you like sucking dick sallow dick munching cunt hole nigar
Taylor Copland: I lick big ginger dicks!!!
Blackboy666: What are you fucking gay?
by Asia fucker September 4, 2016
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Me: What are you, fucking gay?
You: STFU, I'm not!
Me: You're looking this up on urban dictionary... Pretty sure you're gay.
You: You created this definition, though!
Me: Just to help people like you come out that they're gay.
by lilzor May 11, 2017
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