intoxicated on codine
damn im leanin hard
by bear January 25, 2004
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When you're high on codeine. Sometimes codein/cough syrup is mixed with sprite and jolly ranchers to create lean
Did you see Charlie at that party last night? He was leanin'.
by ToxicTerror March 19, 2018
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Hair style originated by chase carlin. when the faux leans with no gel/hairspray involved.
chases faux hawk is leanin. its a leanin hawk
by franklin franks September 28, 2007
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leanin...drinking purple sprite ie codeine syrup
tuff...tight etc

leanin tuff -> to take a tight lean, sippin purple soda hard
If you see that purple soda in my cup of leanin' tuff
by flux45 February 9, 2008
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When the drugs or alcohol starts to hit but before you are officially twisted
Man I started to feel twisted after the third Long Island Iced Tea. I stood up and started leanin' to the left.

Better be cool, you don't want no trouble
Keep it leanin' to the left, my gat stay cocked- T.I. "Da Dopeman"

by Jayabe2 August 3, 2008
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High on Promethazine, a mixture of Cocaine, Cough syrup, and usually sprite
Also called the purple drank
As lil wayne says I'm Leanin Low
by PgH GooN February 6, 2009
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