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A twenty pound note is called a Smithy, due to the fact that Adam Smith, the Grandfather of Economics, is printed on it.
Christof: How much do i tip this waiter?
Me: Just give him a smithy. That should do it.
Christof: Hmm, naa i think a darwin is more appropriate.
by ethaning May 19, 2011
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A force that lies within tradesman working under the name smith. Has historical meaning and is also shrouded in secrecy and mysticism. Once a part of the clan the true meaning and what it is to be a smithy are slowly learned, once attained it is highly regarded and the one that possesses it will fight relentlessly to hold the name in high regards. People see a man running scared for his job but in esscence this is a smithy held by greater force propelling him to put his own belief system aside for the regard of the clandestine ways of a true smithy. It's taken close to one hundred years to develop this surname, and a many great men have laid the path for future generations.
"Hey bob I can't break this nut loose" "

" lil johnny how many times to I have to tell you! Put yo mutha fuckin smithy on it!
by Thunder252 June 13, 2018
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A Smithy is someone who not only has legendary footy knowledge and arguing skills , but is also regarded as the premier authority on the subject by his peers. Looked up to and thouroughly respected , he is the essential die hard fan , never wavering , unfaultering love for his team . He could only ever really support a team like Liverpool.
"Wow I am really impressed with that guy , I have never seen someone more passionate about his team "

" yeah , what a smithy ."

"yeah ,oh no here comes Josh Goodall."

"oh fuck yeah , mobiles out."
by Smithymonster February 19, 2008
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being overly giggly like a young school girl and acting suspicious towards the same sex
that guy was overly smithy with that gay guy in the bar
by el guapo1 October 25, 2007
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The final boss of Super Mario RPG. Has two forms:

1. A machine-like pile of white facial hair with eyes.

2. Same body, only his head is a metal skull that can transform into either a tank, an iron chest, a question block, or some weird meatal magic head with hands coming out of it.
"Come on you puny ants! I'll crush you all!"-Smithy
by SmashBrother January 20, 2005
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An Irish fellow with the last name Smith. Smithys, generally speaking, have no game and a smallish nob which sometimes has the illusion of disappearing while retracting back up into the Smithy's body. Despite this bizarre phenomenon, Smithys can also be very likable characters. Smithys are often times sited as being "gay" though please note while appearing so, they are most definitely not.
"Smithy!! How ye keepin? Ye get laid yet?"
"Ah nah. I got no game."
"And your nob?"
"Still missing."
by plincodestroy February 05, 2007
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A girl who goes to Smith College in Northampton, MA. A Smith college Lesbian Until Graduation. Intelligent and often connected. Usually can't drive well but can party. Not just LUGS but SLUGS.
That smithy was cute! Do you think the slug likes guys, or even ice cream a little?
by niteshade8p July 31, 2008
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