25 definitions by bear

One who enjoys to pass gas freely and take large dumps
Cup a Fart ... Pooping in Ash M's Bathroom...Group Pooping sessions
by bear March 11, 2003
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Left over rage that follows continues after a spaz ( freak out)
Lue flips out and storms out of a room but he continues to flip out over a un improtant issue
by bear March 11, 2003
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Acronym for never again volenteer yourself.
they can make it harder but only you can make it longer.
by bear July 30, 2003
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These words together means that you bone dogs
omg nemesis technics
by bear October 12, 2004
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an asian driver (very dangerous)

a kamikaze has trouble staying on the road at all
whoa that driver just went off the road on a straight-away for no apparent reason...what a kamikaze
by bear December 9, 2003
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intoxicated on codine
damn im leanin hard
by bear January 25, 2004
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A person born in new zealand. they have differnt education there, and they actually are taught that they wern't decendants of convicts.. and they think that they were never governed by australia.

They live in a country where there are more sheep then people.

Purley belive that they are better then the australian cricket team - woops

It's the birth right of australians to pay out kiwi's on sight
"Hi my names steve, my dad was a human my mum was a sheep"
by bear February 4, 2005
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