Victoria is a smart women who can be confusing to figure out at times. She may puzzle you and she maybe seems hard on the surface to confront. Once you do confront her it'll be the best decision you ever made. Victoria once you get to know her for who she really is will blow your mind. Shes usually a smart,kind,energetic,caring,beautiful trustworthy women. Her smile could lift someone's day from 0 to 100 and her voice will soothe you from anything. If your lucky enough to get yourself Victoria you'll never wanna let go. She will stay by your side no matter what she's the silver lining if you ever have a cloudy day. She won't think she's caring,loving,smart athletic etc..... she's very modest she doesn't think high of her self when you tell her all she is. She'll always think she can do better not relationship wise more tiny things. When in reality she's perfect or the closest thing to perfect. And well every time she walks in a room you'll smile and feel a very specific energy that'll make you smile. Victoria is the ideal person to have as a friend or other wise
Victoria's great man
You must really like her

Yea she's a great person
by Penguins154515 January 17, 2017
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That one crazy girl who you decide to talk to because she seems pretty cool. But you soon realize she's perfect for you and you love her for who she is; a brilliant, sweet, funny girl, who can be damn stubborn at times. But at the end of every day you find your self more in love with her than the last. She is perfect and you want to be with her till the end of time.
Victoria is the one. :)
by Mister CatFace April 7, 2013
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Victoria is kind, caring, sweet, beautiful and cute. You are a very lucky person to know a Victoria. She often doesn’t see her own talent, but I do. She’s amazing and so full of potential and I remind her of it often. Victoria is remarkable person, she’s perfect, or damn near perfect. She often leaves you thinking what you did to deserve such an angel like her.

She also has the sweetest voice ever. It’s like an Angel is singing. It can brighten my day no matter what, when I’m down or when its a good day it will always be better talking to my baby. She also is the sexiest person out there and is also very addicting and you can’t get enough of her sexy beauty.

But other than that she is the best person ever. And she is also the greatest girlfriend I could ever have asked for. I honestly don’t know how someone could be so lucky, but I’m glad its me and sharing your life with a Victoria is a fuckn beautiful thing. I love her with all my heart and until the end of time.
Victoria is my girlfriend and my whole world. I don't know what people do without a Victoria.
by King Hef October 10, 2018
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Victoria is the best at everything, shes just perfect and amazing in every way imaginable. Shes your dream girlfriend and the person you would die for. She makes you laugh when your sad or down but she will always be by your side no matter what. She means everything to you so never let her go!!
"Hey man did you see Victoria today"?

"Yea man shes so hot, too bad she's taken".
by Rainbow Trout5943 April 12, 2015
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The most beautiful, caring, sweet, and bubbly girl you'll ever meet. She always comes off as so happy and giggly, her laugh is contagious. She can light up the darkest room and make anyone smile simply by being present. No one I know can ever stay mad at her for anything, even when she ignores you, because you know if you loose her you'll never find anyone quite like her. She's super chill, and relaxed. She's not like other girls, she spends most of her time playing Xbox and working at the game store. I think she prefers to be one of the guys, although she remains faithful to whoever she is dating, considering she is always taken. I wish I had a chance with her, even though I know I'd never be good enough, no one is. she has a very beautiful, astonishing, and unique look and personality, one that comes off as both innocent and sexy. She is the definition of perfect, or as close as it gets. She is the girl I want to marry one day.
Guy1: I just met Victoria and I think I'm in love

Guy2: I wish that Victoria would notice me, I need her in my life.

Guy3: I haven't seen Victoria in months and I still can't stop thinking of her.
by GodOfWar22 July 26, 2013
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A badass girl who can and will protect the ones that are important to her even if she has to sacrifice herself for it.

A Victoria may seem intimidating at first but once you get to know her she can be a real cutie.
Friend1: man when I first saw Victoria I was super scared of her. But now I know that she's a total goof!
by WorldStarArtist January 1, 2017
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The most cutest, sweetest girl ever! If you see her you'll want to meet her for sure! She can get attention quickly and she has a few flaws like we all do but most of the time she is just a great person to be around! All of the guys will fall in love with her! If not there is something wrong with that guy! She never puts you down unless you put her down! If your on her bad side you might wanna stay away cause she will blow you away by just looking at you and regret what you did. She loves to laugh ang have fun but she knows the right times when not to joke around!
Boys cant resist Victoria. Ive seen her blow people away even girls! Shes just that amazing!
by Lilcake829 March 23, 2014
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