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The word is used to describe a band That plays a genere of music commonly known 'hair metal'. the music was well known in the 80's, and characterized by: all of the band members having extremely long hair, usually high pitched male vocals, and heavy, piercing, distorted guitars. some examples of bands include; "dokken", "firehouse", and "white lion"
DUDE! "white lion" was definitely a hair band man.
by Ant July 13, 2004
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what your best friend tries to tell you. When hes bangin' the chick youve wanted since you were 10.
"dont worry man, were just good friends"
by Ant July 13, 2004
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This word supposedly comes from the verb 'pronounce' but does not in fact exist.
The abstract noun is 'pronunciation' and is widely mispronounced.
'My pronounciation is perfect', declared the student.
'Pronouncing 'pronunciation' as 'pronounciation' is a mispronunciation', his teacher corrected.
by ant July 05, 2004
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Until recently, I used to listen to Eminem, like everyone else in my school. Then one day, I realised, "This music is shit! Why am I listening to this?"
This lead me to realise something: White people can't rap. I'm white myself, but I realise there are some things which certain people are destined to do. Rapping is something that black people are destined to do. Now I listen to Eminem, it just seems... well, wrong.

Looking for someone new to listen to on my stereo, a friend of mine introduced me to 2Pac. It's not that I hadn't heard of him before, I just hadn't really listened to his music. My friend played it, and I felt myself completely lost in the music, a sensation I'd never felt with listening to Eminems music. Straight afterwards, I got the album my friend had got me, '2Pacs Greatest Hits'. I listened to the album constantly for 2 months counting. Seriously, if you don't listen to 2Pac already, go out and buy an album of his. He really is a legend. A lot of people still reckon he's alive, but I think he's dead. It's a sad fact that such a great talent died so young, but his music will live on for generations to come.

At time of posting, Ghetto Gospel is going to be released soon. Go out and buy it. I know I will. Really, 2Pac was sheer genius. Why do you think all the defenitions below say stuff like 'Greatest Rapper Ever','The leader of this rap shit' etc. But don't take our word for it. Go out and buy a 2Pac album.

The best rapper who ever lived.

2Pac is the best rapper ever. Enough said.
by Ant June 02, 2005
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A mouthy know-it-all who frequents the workman's bar of a pub and has an opinion on anything and everything, especially when someone requires advice about something the majority of us are not qualified to answer. Oh yes the tap-room lawyer's always on hand, he'll usually scrounge a pint, blow smoke in your face, relate an untold number of anecdotes and basically bore you shitless repeating his 'considered opinion'.
Of low social status this individual stands out because he is usually the laughing-stock of the pub, a 'character', a 'one', tolerated but God only knows why. What they need is a kick up the fuckin' jacksi
Did you hear about the new bypass that's being planned?
Yeah, the tap-room lawyers are in there theorising about the effect it'll have on the town.
Why the hell didn't you phone the consulate?!
Fred 'the jock' told me I wouldn't need a visa..
What?! Don't listen to that fuckin' tap-room lawyer. What the hell would that wanker know about travelling round Europe? The furthest he's been is an illegal copy of the 'Sound of Music'!
by ant July 23, 2004
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When a girl gets fucked too much that her vagina gets all wide so it looks nasty and loose.You can probably stick a tree in it.
"Look at that mudded out hoe over there tryin' to get some dick.I Hope he know her pussy nasty."
by Ant March 30, 2005
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An aquarian animal with scales and fins.


ph-o-ti. phonetics darling!
He be sleepin' wit' da photi.
by Ant December 21, 2003
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