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Created by mortals but sounds like the Gods themselves farted tunefully through a cranked up amp after a night of popcorn and beans.

Loud Illuminatus music that changes the timing of your heart with it's force and power.
"Man, I went to that Illuminatus gig last night and the Whammo blew me away!"
by ant July 28, 2004
Those which is most sacred, cherished, and respected on the female body.
They often attract large crowds (see orgy) of male observers (see perverts) or male organs (see wangs). Also oftentimes licked or squeezed.

See also:
dirty pillows
Holy shit! Look at the jahoobies on that girl, Germ - That is A+ material!
by ant November 11, 2003
This word supposedly comes from the verb 'pronounce' but does not in fact exist.
The abstract noun is 'pronunciation' and is widely mispronounced.
'My pronounciation is perfect', declared the student.
'Pronouncing 'pronunciation' as 'pronounciation' is a mispronunciation', his teacher corrected.
by ant July 5, 2004
A pimp of sheep. Usually found in Wales, or else is a Welsh talking... gentleman.
"Damn that sheep pimp, he feckin' gave me a ram!"
by ant October 9, 2004
what your best friend tries to tell you. When hes bangin' the chick youve wanted since you were 10.
"dont worry man, were just good friends"
by ant July 14, 2004
Warm, sticky whiteish goo that shoots from the end of a males weener, often swalled by:
1. Women
2. Batty Boys
by ant December 12, 2003