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1. urine

2. odd referrence to a fire ant

3. anger
1. aww jeez man, hold on a sec i really gotta piss.

2. hey, look out for that colony of piss ants.

3. man, you piss me off.
by ant January 13, 2004

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The first, usually very powerful, fart of the day.
'The quiet peace of the tent was shattered by Brian's morning thunder'
by ant August 04, 2004

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The bomb, the coolest person around
hey tht chic is such a ria
by ant October 19, 2003

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lucky, fortunate (uk slang)
I've just won twenty quid on the fixed odds.
You stuffy twat!
by ant August 11, 2004

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The name given to the pose one must adopt in the toilet after awakening with a {boner} and dying for a piss.
i.e. legs spread wide and upper torso bent foward at the hips.
So called because of the obvious resemblance to a baby giraffe struggling to get to its feet.
I woke up half-way thru' the night with a stiffy and spent half an hour in the bathroom doing a baby giraffe trying to have a piss.
by ant August 04, 2004

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Named after the assasinated Indian leader, this rather colourful expression refers to the stinging burning sensation one experiences in one's anus when shitting out a curry of the vindaloo or phal variety (i.e. v.hot)
Wow my arsehole is killing me!
Well that's Gandhi's revenge - you shouldn't have had that vindaloo last night.
by ant August 09, 2004

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Balls, sack, testicles, scrotum
Grab da bozak bitch
by Ant February 17, 2004

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