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One of the cutest guys you'll ever meet. He is athletic, smart, funny, and has the dreamiest eyes. He can be shy, but around friends he cracks up over inappropriate jokes and cusses like a sailor!
"Have you seen Cameron today?"
by Kit0804 February 01, 2020
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Cameron is the silliest guy you'll meet. He loves inappropriate jokes and has a few close friends. His girlfriend is treated like a queen, and he can be lovey-dovey at times, but serious at others.
"My boyfriend is so sweet. He's such a Cameron."

"You're so lucky to have a Cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by TheDoctorWatson May 13, 2013
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Cameron’s are the best men to have in your life. They usually have dark hair and brown eyes, some would say they hold the stars in them. A Cameron is an amazing friend, but an even better lover. A Cameron is a gamer, a meme lover, and just an all around chad. Once you get a Cameron never let them go, for they not only hold the stars in their eyes, but they can give you the world as long as you love them true. Cameron’s are sweet, and to hear the laughter of a Cameron is like music to anyone’s ears. A Cameron is like a marshmallow; sweet, soft, and can give toasty hugs.
I love Cameron, he’s the greatest.
That Cameron is an absolute chad.
I want to spend the rest of my life with Cameron.
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by Doodlebug1256 May 18, 2019
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Cameron is a very very silly person. He likes talking and likes inappropriate jokes. He also likes to prank people. He is also very smart in his math. He is the smartest and funniest person. People would laugh at this really funny Cameron.
Cameron: Why do I don't wear clothes?
Emma:Cameron's jokes are very hilarious

Samantha:Yes he's such funny and acts like a Cameron
Colin:Yeah, his jokes are the best. I'm glad he's my friend.
by Brothebump August 24, 2020
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He’s been hurt, he has a past, but he’s probably the best guy you’ll ever meet. Don’t break him, because he’s already been broken. He loves jokes, and he treats his girlfriend like a queen. He will give you everything he has, and then some. He always knows more than he is letting on, and can hide his emotions very well. If he needs to talk, please listen to him. He loves love, and he loves giving love, he just wants to be loved in return. If you ever get a Cameron in your life, don’t let him go.
I love him, he’s my Cameron.
by Just_Someone1103 January 18, 2021
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Cameron is one of the few people who will make your heart melt. He is the world's most perfect boyfriends. He is not a go getter. Camerons are usually very shy but once they get into their confort zone, you will have the time of your lives. If you meet a Cameron never let him go. He usually has dark brown eyes that will draw any girl in. His smile makes your heart melt and he is extremely romantic and true to his girlfriend. If you meet a Cameron NEVER let him go. He is the one who will be with you through thick and thin, and he really does care. He really can never hold a grudge. Best guy to be romantically invovled with if you scramble the letters in the name Cameron it spells, Romance.
I am so happy to be dating Cameron
God, I wish I had a Cameron
Cameron is Perfect
I love Cameron
by I Love Cameron September 15, 2013
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A handsome person. He is the best boyfriend, but will get flirty at sometimes. He is a keeper. He will always come back to you. And you will go back to him. If you have him as one of your best friends, keep them. And if you know someone named Cameron, try to get to know them. He is probably quite friendly. He is always competitive. And if hes your ex, sooner or later you will get back together. Just remember that!
Wow. Cameron is so loyal!
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by Friendliness for life November 16, 2019
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