a way stan twitter uses to say "i-" or "im-"

used when youre speechless or shocked at something.
@skzstan: stray kids outdid your faves sorry @ army thats the tea!

@army: eye
by something_smells_fishy January 11, 2019
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as i peered into her eye i saw so much more.
by quintessential he July 10, 2009
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n. The part of your face in which you see things out of. Below your eyebrows and above your nose. Your eye consists of eyelashes and may be any colour under the rainbow if you use contact lenses, which are like glasses only you don't wear dorky looking thingies on your face.
My eyes are pretty because they are green.
by LemonsAndOranges August 11, 2005
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bad bitch
always cool and has a super style
gotta keep an eye out for selener๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘
by selenereye July 6, 2020
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sleep, rest, bedtime

from the slang; "shut-eye" ! eye just seems more "user friendly" and easier to say somehow. people can often (slowly) actually figure out it means sleep! (without an explanation)
i've got (the) insomnia, and almost NEVER get any eye !
(the) cannabis has helped with my TERRIBLE problem getting eye !
i-yi-yi-yi !! ANOTHER night with NO eye !!
by michael foolsley March 27, 2020
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Now we're seeing eye to eye.
by Curtis September 20, 2003
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If you're not an idiot, you'd know that "eye for an eye" means, if you fuck someone up, we'll fuck you up too. First coined by Hammurabi back in ancient Mesopotamia times, although I'm sure he didn't quite put it that way.
When John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, then got killed in a barn in Virginia, that's an eye for an eye.
When Nathan Gale shot that dimebag Darrel, then got tracked down and killed, that's an eye for an eye.
When you give me AIDS after sex, then I track you down and stab the shit out of you, that's an eye for an eye.
by Marcus Reed October 14, 2006
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