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There are two different fjortis species that can be found in sweden. on one hand there is the trash-fjortis, and on the other hand there is the brat-fjortis.

A fjortis is a swedish, over maked-up (read carroty orange), usually with (dyed)blond hair in her early teens. They dress up as skanks, sometimes they go to partys in nothing but underwear (thong and lace bra). To dress up as a playmate on halloween is a must. when they are old enough to pull off a fake id,or travels to aya napa, they desperatley try to order a "häxa" in the bar to fin out that they dont serve a drink containing more than four different alcohols mixed together in a petflaska.

The trash fjortis usually lives in not so well off suburbs or smaller cities like Karlskrona, Skärhamn or Gothenburg. A normal friday or saturday night they can be found out drinking in parks or busstations or if in Stockholm, in the subways with the ambition to hook up with as many ppl as possible, gender doesnt matter (applies to all fjortis speices). they usually wear baggy yoga pants with their thongs well visible drawn up to their waists combined with cheap tops from H&M or Gina tricot and mad-padded pushup bras. but no boobs. they normaly choose barn och fritid (babysitting and asswiping courses)as their major in gymnasiet (highschool-college-ich).

The brat-fjortis lives in welthier suburbs to Stockholm, or on Östermalm. They are alot like the trash-fjortis, but with an ounce more cash-flow. They spend most of their monthly allowance (read their parents money)on bronzing powder, tanning beds and paying older siblings for ciggarettes and booze. They prefer more well-dressed alternatives, such as short, short skirts and shorts and flats, rather than yoga pants and pumaskor. they have all adapted to the "Lidingö accent" where the "i" is pronounced as "yyyiiii" wich is seen as a sign of wealth. They get more and more slutty for every generation. easily spotted in the croud due to their red/bright blue winterjacket worn all year around aka a fjällräven (check google for pics). Gåsjackorna by canada goose are still seen on the tarshfjortisar of the stockholm region (in the smaller cities like gothenburg they still havent even bocome popular. give it a couple of years)

A common interest among all fjortisar is to make out(strula) with as many people as possible during the same night without evan knowing their names. once again, gender DOES NOT matter.
Gertrud- Oh my! are you walkin in yours sleep or why did you bring your comforter?

Liizzzza@pa(fjortis)- uuuuhm, this is my 4800 kr fjällräven!

old gertrud- children these days.....(goes and sews herself a jacket out of her old comforter to maintain top notch)
by topnotch November 17, 2007
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From the Scandinavian word for fourteen - fjorton (Sweden)/fjorten (Norway, Denmark). Someone, most commonly a girl, acting annoyingly immature. Usually someone in the age 12-17 (approximately), but fjortis is not an age, it's a state of mind.
*sigh* She's such a fjortis!
by Vash_the_Slayer May 01, 2006
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Derived from the word for fourteen (fjorton) in scandinavian languages. The plural is fjortisar.

Locally in scandinavia fjortis is used as a (somewhat derogatory) term for a person (commonly a girl) around that age.

Internationally, used for pictures of such a girl in sexually provocative poses.
by Trunkerad September 19, 2003
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A young, danish girl, preferably under the age of consent, however photographed in a compromising and risqé position.
by Ant May 16, 2003
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