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goths. pathetic little bastards in black clothes, black makeup, and black hair, whining and bitching about how painful their lives are and how horrible the world is. Typically fans of the Cure.
Dude, let's go to Hot Topic and make fun of the sad kids!
by Your mom September 08, 2003
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Typical suburbian town.... hot girls hot guys... teenagers who think they are ghetto but they are not. Typical well off city, parks everywhere you look and little kids with their moms (hot moms by the way) on the sidewalks. Has the best 4th of July celebration in Northern California. 30 mins from San Fransisco, 20 from Oakland, 4 hours from Tahoe and 1 hour from Santa Cruz
by Your mom November 02, 2004
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1. All-pro Safety of the Dallas Cowboys. Liked cause of his hits and plays, will be a star in his career

2. Wr from Texas, plays for Detroit, and like the other Roy, he is destined for stardom. His QB needs to step his game cause this offense has a lot of young talent.
1. Tai Streets got jacked up, by Roy Williams

2. Look at that spectacular 1-handed catch Roy Williams made over Antoine Winfield
by Your mom March 30, 2005
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They act of 'n00bing' or 'making a n00b'. Used when somebody accidently makes a n00b-like typo. Can also be spelled 'n00bed'.

See also: n00b
Person1: Wow!1 Really?
Person2: HAHA. You n00b'd.
by Your mom March 01, 2005
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Parkslash is slash fanfiction involving members of the band Linkin Park. Was originally just Mike/Chester, but has now branched off into several different pairings. Parkslash happens to be one of the most, if not the most, popular slash fanfiction based on music artists, so much so that it got it's own name. Most parkslash is made by illiterate twits who just want to make a sex story, but sometimes there are some decent ones out there.

See Also: slash fanfiction, Linkin Park
lol lyk mike went 2 chester'z houz n dey fuckd lyk animles!!111 lolololol
by Your mom March 01, 2005
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